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Thailand Cycling



Thailand Cycling

Thailand is an attraction point more and more popular among the Thailand cycling amateurs.

The country has a beautiful net of roads and plains that waits to be explored.

A series of companies that organises tours of Thailand cycling for bikers are established in this country and offers any service, from half a day easy hiking to 10 days adventures.


The popular destinations include the North of Thailand but tours are organised in Bangkok too.


For bikers, the country’s North is a true heaven: kilometres of road wriggling through the mountainous landscape.

Bikes can be rented in many cities of Thailand.


The green Thailand bikes were introduced in August 2008 by the city hall. They are given to the tourists to take a trip in Bangkok.


Thailand Cycling

The ones who use them have to keep a pre-established route. The route is marked and the users have to bring the bike to the starting point in maximum three hours. There are eight different points form where the Thailand cycling fans can leave with the bikes. In every place a map with the information about the interesting places you can see are available.


The traffic is very intense so you have to be careful. This transportation ways is free although some fees may be introduced in the future. If you are a Thailand cycling fan and want to know where is the best time to cycle in the land of smiles, you have to know that between November and April is the best because there are no strong rains and the roads are dry. And regarding the roads, they are all sealed, paved, just perfect for Thailand cycling. You don’t have to worry about the drivers- they are patient and courteous with the bikers, giving them the right of way.


The only thing that may cause you troubles in your Thailand cycling is the dogs. If you to buy bikes and equipment for the Thailand cycling you can find shops in Bangkok


like ProBike, on 237/2 Sarasin Road, just across the street coming from the Lumpini Park. Cannasia is another store with Thai and British owners that also offer repairs and tune-ups.


It is situated on: Cannondale Asia, 73/1 Sukumvit Soi 3, close to the Bamrungrad Hospital. One of the best shops for the Thailand cycling lovers is Top Gear from Chiang Mai, situated on 173 Chang Moi Road. The owner is an ex-pat that sales refurbished bikes for road riding, mountain biking and cycle touring. The personnel are very well informed, very helpful and the store has about everything regarding bikes, offering accessories and services also.

Cycling in Thailand

Generally, the sellers of these stores speak English and the shops are the best place to buy touring equipment, accessories, replacement parts, clothing for Thailand cycling, bike computers, panniers, saddles and so on. More, in these stores you can repair your bike. With its kind and smiling people, paved roads and multitude of cycling possibilities, Thailand is perfect for those who love biking.



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