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Thailand Customs



Thailand Customs

If you plan a trip to the land of smiles, maybe you want to know some things about the Thailand customs.

The wai is one of the important Thailand customs and represents a gesture that you will see as soon as you arrive there. The gesture consists in pressing the palms together at your nose or chest level followed by your head’s bowing slightly.

This gesture is used to express goodbye, thank you, hello, and it is a sign of respect.

Among the Thailand customs is to stand when the anthem is played, before a concert, movie, etc.

The offenses brought to the royals can put you in jail. Each week’s day is associated with a colour, based on the Hindu legends of the pre-Buddhist time.


You will see people wearing yellow on Mondays, in honour of the day when the king was born, pink on Tuesdays and blue on Fridays to honour the day when the queen was born.


Thailand Customs

You will also meet the Main pen rai expression, meaning ‘Never mind’, a part of the Thailand customs also.


It is the unofficial philosophy of the country, the Thais preferring to be calm and take anything with fun (sanuk).


Among the Thailand customs is also the tolerant attitude regarding the sexual orientation.


You will meet transsexuals in the mainstream society, from teens to local celebrities.


Be careful not to touch the offerings of garlands and food for Buddha as well as the houses altars because the Thais are very superstitious and are afraid of the harmonious balance’s disruption.


The Buddhist religion is a very important aspect of the locals’ everyday life.


Also according to the Buddhism, to touch someone’s head is very offensive, the head being considered the body’s most important part. It’s very offensive to raise your feet at religious objects and people, too. Respecting the Thailand customs means to


take your shoes off before entering in a house or in a religious structure, to not wear short skirts, sleeveless tops, flip flops and shorts when you want to enter the temples and the women are not allowed to touch the monks or give the something directly but they can talk politely to the monks. The women may also be prohibited from entering in some places considered highly sacred. You will also observe that the Thais have nicknames, which usually are mono-syllabic. It also part of the Thailand customs, the most of the nicknames being related with the fruits, animals and colours: Moo (pig), Lek (small), Moo Daeng (red), but also: Benz, Money and Good. Bathroom also has its Thailand customs: in the areas with outdoor

Customs in Thailand

bathing, the men have to bath in underwear and the women to wear a wraparound or a sarong. The traditional washrooms have a through filled full of water and a bowl or ladle is used to put the water on your body. The squat toilets can be met outside of big cities; the used toilet paper has to be put in the bin and not in the toilets.



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