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Thailand Current Events



Thailand Current Events

Among the Thailand current events is the Pattaya marathon from July, which takes place in Bangkok and where 8.000 of Thai and foreign runners are expected every year.

The place of the marathon is one of the mist famous beaches of the South East Asia.

The vent is organized by TAT in association with administration of the Phattaya city and the Association of the Amateur Athletes of Thailand.

The goal is to make popular the country’s potential as international sportive area and to attract more visitors to the Eastern provinces in extra-season.

This marathon will be divided in 3 categories: a marathon with full length-42.195 kilometres, half of marathon-21.10 kilometres and mini-marathon-10.55 kilometres.


The winners of each category will receive money varying between 1.500 baht and 150.000 baht, as well as diplomas, medals and trophies. The participants will also receive an assurance in case of accident with a reimbursement of 100.000 baht. Another Thailand recent event is the Khao Phansa candles’ festival, the time when all the Buddhist monks remain in temples. In Ubon Ratchathani, the Candle Festival lights the talents of the local craftsmen.


Current Events in Thailand

The candles from bees wax, of different sizes and shapes, are exposed in processions around the city before being presented to the local temples. The circumference of some candles produced by the Ubon Ratchathani residents is about the size of a man’s head.


Along the time, these gifts developed in artistically made candles that are now presented. Objects that make light such as candles, flashlights or oil lamps are considered very important objects as it is though to light the monks both physical as spiritual. The religious devotion presentations are every year.


As special events are: honorific events and a reception for the regal candle given by his majesty, the king, the Miss Candle show and the candles conquest, the traditional North-East dinners called Pha Khao Laeng for tourists, the candles’ procession for people dressed in local suits and dancing in the North-East music tone with dances


such as Ram Klong Yao and popular entertainment Soeng Swing. The Tak Bat Dok festival is an honorific ritual of floral gifts is unique in the Saraburi province.


This ritual distinguishes through its honorific activities of offering cooked rice, food, candles and other sacred objects. The ritual also includes the offering of Khao Pansa flowers that make flowers only during the Buddhist post, from where the name’s origin comes. Some locals call flower Dok Yung Thong or Dok Hong Thong (golden swan flower). Dok Khao Pansa can be met especially in the Saraburi province; a member of the Globba family, the flower is similar to the Turmeric and Galingale flower and has just over 25 centimetres in height. The plant has big flowers which can be white, yellow, yellow-violet, or with violet or blue spots. The yellow flowers have smaller violet petals which give a weird look.

Thailand Current Events

The Amphoe Phra Phutthabat’s locals observed this tradition of making floral gifts even since the ancient times and now it became a significant provincial event.



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