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Thailand Culture



Thailand Culture

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand since 1782, is a mix of many styles but the traditional Thailand culture owns the biggest weight, in architecture as well as in culture.

The blend of the traditional style with the modern one is visible in many places of Bangkok.

The little meditation houses from the commercial centres and banks’ roof are examples. Muay Thai is or the Thai box is the national sport in Thailand and the native martial art.

It became popular all over the world in the ‘90s. Similar styles of martial arts exist in other countries from the Asia’s South-East.


The standard greeting in Thailand is a gesture similar with the pray, called wai.


The taboos include someone head’s touching or the showing with the leg, the head being considered the highest part of the body and the leg, the lowest. To pass over somebody or over food is considered an extreme insult.


Thailand Culture

The books or other documents are respected like some secular objects and this is why is not allowed to rub a book with a table or to make it slipper on table or to put it down.Thailand is a constitutional monarchy and the king is extremely respected; is illegal to insult the regal family or to walk on a king’s image. The Buddhism’s influence can be observed in the Thais’ everyday’s life. The Buddhism discourages the competition, so the Thais are not very ambitious, refusing to make changes.


An easy work, satisfying paid is better than a hard work well paid. The work’s rhythm goes down or up based on the boss’ presence, the authority being respected when is present but often ignored in absence. The Buddhist preoccupation for truth, sincerity, good will and politesse excludes humoristic techniques such as: sarcasm, satire, exaggeration and parody and doesn’t give too much attention to the foolish humour, the black humour or to the jokes about religion and underprivileged minorities.


But the aesthetic humour, characterised by subtlety, reproach and kind reproofs are accepted. Internationally, Thailand is famous for its wonderful silk.


One of the important centres of silk production, Khom Kaen is the place of a market that promotes the silk textiles. This event takes place in combination with the friendship ritual Phuk Siao from North-East. The colourful processions and the spectacles full of colour typical to the Isan culture, as well as exhibitions of the silk industry add to the market’s distraction. Bo Sang close to Chiang Mai is renovated for the sun umbrellas manually painted made for the mulberry paper and silk. The design is very distinctive and easy to recognise. During the festival, the ateliers and the stores lay on the both parts of the high street transforming Ban Bo Sang in a picturesque village decked in the Lanna Thai style.

Culture in Thailand

The colourful umbrellas and the traditional flashlights invigorate the handicraft market. The Bo Sang umbrellas are gifts for the visitors from all over the world. These umbrellas won the Best Souvenir prize at the International Tourism Seminar from USA.



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