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Thailand Crime



Thailand Crime

The Thailand crime has a low rate, the Buddhism discouraging the bloodshed but there are also temptations regarding the Americans and the Europeans who are seen as being wealthy.

And because of these temptations the Thailand crime can be seen as a threat to the safety and the health of the travellers. Despite the low rate of crime, Thailand has a big number of crimes with firearms. At the Thailand border with Laos, Cambodia and Burma are many problems with the drugs crime in which the guns are used in these disputes.

A number of foreigners are caught in these conflicts and murdered every year. You will also hear about a Thailand crime win which a man was killed by his wife for property, money or jealousy.


A very worrying thing about the Thailand crime is that a large number of murders are committed by young people and especially teenagers, about 1.400 last year and the guns were used, again. Thailand crime is seen as a serious problem by Thais and the Phuket’s local government declared crime as the main problem of the tourist industry’s development. Many tourists see Thailand crime’s level as being worse than in their countries although the statistics in areas like Ko Samui, Phuket and Pattaya show the contrary.


Thailand Crime

A Thailand crime that shocked the public and the media happened in 2010, on September 18, when four civilians of Buddhist religion were killed; more, the houses they lived in where burned.


The crime happened in the Narathiwat province, Bachao district, Barae Tai Sub-district and it was seen as one of the Thailand’s gravest and most brutal human rights’ violations.


This Thailand crime was condemned by the CCF (the Cross Cultural Foundation) seeing as a cruel, criminal and inhume act that may lead to the perpetuation of the hatred feelings and even to more violence.


It was assumed that the crime was committed as instigation to more conflicts and to create more mistrust, disputes and misunderstanding among the communities’ people.


Another Thailand crime happened in 2004 when a decorated police officer killed two tourists from the United Kingdom. The name of the killer is Somchai Wisetsingh and the tragedy happened on September 9, in Kanchanaburi.

The two tourists were having their meal in the ex police officer’s restaurant and they were shot after a dispute with Wisetsingh. The man was shot three times, deadly, in arm, head and torso and the woman was also shot deadly in head and chest. After the crime, Wisetsingh disappeared trying to pass the border and run in Burma. In October he confessed the rime and did the incident’s re-enactments on TV for the Thai police.

Crime in Thailand


Despite these, when the trial begun, he pleaded as not guilty, denying the two crimes and blamed a drug informant for them. The murderer said he was forced to give the previous confessions but he was sentenced to life sentence, being found guilty. His confessions to police and the decoration saved him from the death sentence.



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