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Thailand Creature



Thailand Creature

A Thailand creature with a perfectly contoured body and hoary skin was discovered. It looks like an alien, according to some, but still nobody can say exactly what it is.

A lucky photographer had the chance of immortalising the moment when more locals of a Thai village made this amazing discovery.

In a world full of traditions and superstitions, there is no wonder that, once they saw such a Thailand creature, the people started to make a true ritual, to bring a tribute to it.

They burned scented sticks, anointed its body with ashes and painted it, to protect it of the bad spirits. And more: the locals brought a fan for fresh air, in order to preserve its remains for the scientists’ study! 


A strange animal or a mythical creature? So far, there are no answers for this question. But one thing is for sure: those who discovered the Thailand creature are convinced that they lived a miracle.


Creature Thailand

The photographs with the creature were on the media from all over the world, with the Thai villages worshiping it. The people surrounding the creature are emotionally involved in this event, having grief in eyes. Some voices say that the entire scene could be a hoax because the Thailand village where this happened is not mentioned and it is hard to establish where the origins of this Thailand creature’s pictures are. The ones who examined the pictures say that it is not a hoax since one element of a hoaxed picture is missing: one image’s copy. To make a single hoax you need a huge capital of work and an intense study of each part of the picture if you want to fool everybody.


One question remains: what is this Thailand creature? Looking at the extremities we can observe that the legs and arms’ ends are hooves, no face can be observed and the head is big.


More, the arms don’t look like jutting out from the creature’s shoulders but they are hanging at sides.

Some people think that the true clue to this Thailand creature’s origin may sit in the weird ear or fin that comes from the head’s rear side.

Its ear looks the goat’s or the cow’s ear.

According to other opinions, the creature can be an animal with deformations caused by an encephalitis form or by other diseases, so an animal with huge problems of development.

The creature’s long tail was supposed to have origins in a calf and the two hooves come to sustain this theory. Another question was: what were the villages praying for?

Thailand Creature


It was said that the people were preserving the Thailand creature for the scientists’ study but there are no known studies about it. The eventual strange qualities of the creature were also mentioned: a supernatural being, an alien or even a human-like being. In some people’s opinions, if we exclude the lack of hair and the tail, the Thailand creature can be seen as an actual interpretation of the mythical Satyr.



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