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Thailand Crafts



Thailand Crafts

Thailand crafts make the cultural heritage of this country even richer, adding to the Thailand’s traditional history.

Thailand crafts reflect the ingenuity and the creativity of the Thais and also illustrate the village life’s basic traditions.

The Thailand crafts are so beautiful due to the natural materials’ abundance such as coconuts, rattan, palm leaves and wicker.

Thailand crafts are also a proof of the Thais’ inventiveness, perseverance and elaborate design. Chang sip mu is the term that is used as reference to the 10 categories of Thailand crafts: plastering, painting, sculpturing, modelling, casting, carving on soft and hard objects, lathing, lacquering and padding.


You can see these traditional crafts at the Thai temples and at the Grand Palace, to these ten adding the silk and the celadon ware which are famous in the world for their amazing lustre and beauty.


Crafts Thailand

The wonderful baskets, the silverware and the earthenware are true expressions of the Thailand’s rich culture, art and heritage.


The Thais line up of crafts is impressive, their textiles being one of the best in the world.


More, the products that have as base these textiles make some excellent artifacts collections.


Impressive and spectacular collection of pottery and earthenware are among the Thailand crafts as well as the rituals and the customs which play a significant role in the entire art of Thailand.


Celadon, mango-weed and reed are used to make home decor article and handicrafts, among the traditional Thailand crafts being the articles made of woven reed. In the shops you can see decorative products like the reed mats, with great success at people from all over the world.


In the shopping malls and retail stores from Thailand you also can buy products made of bamboo like the bamboo bags and handicrafts included in other categories, such as ceramic handicraft, casket handicraft, monarch handicraft, egg shell handicraft and black and handicrafts. There is also a special category of Thailand crafts called Thai handicrafts and which include: art pieces, antique art pieces, wooden motorbike racer, paper handicraft gecko and photo paper handicrafts. In the retail stores you can find all of these things at very nice prices. It is a known fact that the Thais are culture and ort’s fierce patrons, producing many types of contemporary and modern art and also patronizing numerous art types.

Thailand Crafts


Among the Thailand crafts are the Khon masks which are very difficult to make, maybe the most difficult technique off all. The ones who make these masks have to own skills in painting, gilding, carving, lacquering, sculpturing and modelling. Also, before making the masks, they have to perform a ceremony called ‘paying respect to teachers’ when student has his hand held by a teacher and draws the ‘kanok’ for the student study’s auspiciousness. The ‘kanok’ represents the Thai decorative pattern. Thailand crafts can be bought from places like MBK Shopping Centre in Bangkok, Narayana Phand Store Silom Village, Chitralada shops, Chatuchak Weekend Market or the River City Shopping Complex.



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