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Thailand Cost of Living



Thailand Cost of Living

Thailand cost of living is very low, many people choosing to live there for the low rates.

Comparing to the United Kingdom, for example, the drinks and the food is much cheaper in Thailand.

A person needs 100 Euros on month for grocery items including vegetables and fruits.


A lunch in a restaurant can be expensive but also cheap, it depends on how god you are at finding the best places.

The prices of the foreign cuisines may be higher than the ones of the local restaurants and a dinner for two persons in a normal restaurant can cost about 20 to 25 Euros. The drinks and the food locally produced are affordable which also makes the Thailand cost of living low.


If you buy from fish ports and markets you need about 100 Euros monthly. Rice is also cheap and you can find it in many varieties. Of course, the price varies based on kind and quality.


Cost of Living Thailand

You can find beef, pork and poultry meat as well as seafood and eggs at fine prices. If you want low Thailand cost of living you also can buy vegetables and fruits from local producers; the prices are low and you can find them all the year. In supermarkets, delis and in the bigger cities the prices of the same products can be higher. The accessories and the clothing have prices varying based on quality and brands. Very cheap footwear, bags, hats, batiks and jeans can be found in flea shops and night markets. They may not have the same quality as the ones from the shopping centres; in the major cities’ heart you can buy from the designers’ labels with higher prices.


The most of the computers, home appliances, trinkets and electronics are from import with prices ranging from brand to brand. To rent an apartment may costs from 100 to 200 Euros on month.


More services and privileges may increase the price. You can rent a fine condominium in downtown or rent a beach house which can be less expansive; still, there are resorts whose rental costs even 100 Euros per night. Water and electricity’s cost are also related to the Thailand cost of living; they may cost about 100 Euros on month. To own land in Thailand can be difficult for expatriates because the government of this country considers that the local have priority to have the own property. Some Thailand banks provide housing loans, the taxes being included in maintenance and construction. The transportation costs are also included in the Thailand cost of living.

Thailand Cost of Living


To travel with the train is the cheapest transportation way between cities, the water and air transportation is also affordable and a full circle with the bus in a city costs about 6-10 Euros. Since according to the cultural heritage of Thailand the males are the ones who have to work and the women have to stay home, there are more Thai men working than women.



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