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Thailand Climate



Thailand Climate

The Thailand climate is a tropical one with high temperatures and high humidity while the monsoons are the important feature.

All the people who intend to travel to Thailand have to know some things about this country’s climate in order to have a comfortable trip. April and May are the months with the higher temperatures, when even the local people can be hear complaining about the heat. In June the land is relieved by the monsoons that arrive from South-West.


The season ends in October after some rain bursts. The best period of visiting Thailand is from November till March when the climate is more pleasant, with low humidity levels and with the cool breezes that blow from North-East.


For touring, is just perfect, with a suitable fine weather. There are three basic seasons that compile the Thailand climate. In the North of the country are comfortable climatic conditions, the temperatures having from 3 to 5 degrees less than the temperatures from the rest of the country.During the winter, the temperatures from the mountainous areas are lower than the ones of the cities and the ones who come in Thailand in this period must have proper clothing for cold weather.


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In the cold season, the temperature can reach only 2 degrees. The May-September period has few rainfalls and is the monsoons period. The Southern regions of Thailand as well as the central regions have a different climate of the North regions.


Many regions of the country are flooded during the monsoons period, especially the central regions, the North area and the North-Eastern ones.


Despite this, the monsoons season is the perfect time for river activities such as the rafting. Although this season is short, the rains are heavy. The summer is the season when the hottest temperatures are recorded all over Thailand.


The season lasts from March to May and the temperatures may reach 32 or even 35 degrees. In Bangkok, for example, the temperatures like 35 degrees are often met in the summer season.


The people who travel from West will definitely find a hot season.


The climate of Thailand may be not very hot but dry with high humidity.

The clothes from cotton are the most indicated for this season.

The cotton clothes can be bought from Thailand at fine prices. The sun can be really fierce and this is why a hat and a sunscreen with high protection are also indicated.


The Thailand’s Southern regions have two seasons only: a wet one and a dry one.

The seasons don’t run at once on the West side and the East side. In the April- October period, the West coast has rains brought by the South-West monsoons as well as storms, while the East coast has rains in the September and December period.

Thailand Climate

The biggest quantity of rainfalls is met in Thailand’s Southern regions-about 2.400 millimetres per year. In the Northern and central regions the yearly quantity of water is around 1.400 millimetres.



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