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Thailand Citizenship



Thailand Citizenship

It is not easy to obtain the Thailand citizenship, it is a long process but if you really want to spend the rest of your life in Thailand the waiting will be rewarded. To apply for the Thailand citizenship you have to meet some criteria such as: to have a positive background and behaviour, because your political background, criminal record and drug involvement will be checked.

You age must be at least 18 and you have to be major in your origin country.

If you have a job in Thailand your income must reach a minimum of 80.000 baht per month. If you live in Thailand because you graduated a university, are married or have a child here, you have to have a minimum 30.000 baht income and have all the taxes paid for the last 3 years.


You must have lied in this country for 5 years, continuously, prior to apply for the Thailand citizenship. You must know the national anthem, to be able to sing it and of course, you have to know the Thai language, listening, understanding and speaking.


Thailand Citizenship

Next you have to pass the interview with the government’s officers, in Thai, of course.

The applicants receive the points as it follows: 25 points for education and age, 35 points for occupation, 10 points if you know the Thai language, 10 points for personality, 10 points for the relationship you have with Thailand and its people and 10 points for your Thailand residence’s length.


You have to score a minimum of 50 points for a consideration qualification. You have to come with two guarantors for your assets and behaviour but the relatives are not allowed.


For the Thailand citizenship are necessary to have: 5 copies of your passport, 5 copies of your marriage registration (they have to be in the Thai language), 5 copies of documents that verifies the address you have in Thailand, 5 copies of your work permit, 2 copies of your guarantors’ house registrations and IDs, 5 copies of your house registration.


If you have a wife/husband and children, you have to bring a copy of the children’s birth certifications and a copy of your life partner’s passport or ID. The other documents are: 2 copies of the partnership or company registration, list of shareholders, licenses from the organization where you work, a document form the bank to show that you have the minimum 80.000 baht, a document that attests that you paid your taxes in the last 3 years, 2 documents attesting your educational background and of your children, a document that verifies your occupation from your work place; your salary and your position must be specified in this document, a document that verifies that you have 

Citizenship in Thailand


reached the majority in our country, a document that verifies your charities donations-over 5000 baht and the money have to be donated a long time ago not with few time before applying for the Thailand citizenship, a dozen of 2.5x2.5 inches photographs.



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