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Thailand Chopsticks



Thailand Chopsticks

The Thailand chopsticks term, from the culinary point of view, it refers to a pair of small sticks, identical, with a sharp head, used to handle the pieces of food and to eat.

They are made of wood, metal, plastic, bamboo, tusk or bronze.


In Thailand, Indonesia, Philippine, Cambodia, Malaysia and Burma the sticks are rarely used, the fork and the spoon being more popular.


There are different types of Thailand chopsticks, classified based on size, the head’s shape and the material used at their fabrication.

The long ones have 3-40 cm and are used at cooking especially in the deep-fry procedure.


The short ones have about 20 cm and are used at eating and the sharp ones with a blunt or sharper head. There is a large variety of materials used at Thailand chopsticks fabrication. The ones made of bamboo and wood are cheap, and due to the matte surface, have the ability of taking the food well.


Thailand Chopsticks

 Almost all the Thailand chopsticks are made of wood or bamboo, which exist in the varnished variant, especially in restaurants. They are usually brought in one piece of wood and have to be broken in two by the user (the fact that they are bound proves that they are new). The plastic chopsticks are cheaper and resistant but not as efficient as the wood and bamboo ones because they have a more lubricious surface. The chopsticks made of metal are more durable and easy to clean. They are also more expansive. The ones of tusk, gold, silver and jade are luxury products and the wood and bamboo chopsticks can be painted or varnished to be decked and weather proof.


For a better adherence, the metal chopsticks have a frosted surface. The expansive chopsticks are bounded sometimes one of another with a little chain to stop their separation.


Don’t use the Thailand chopsticks to make noise, to get yourself noticed, to gesticulate or to move the plates. They are also not used to prick the food, excepting the big pieces, the cherry tomatoes, the kimchi vegetables or the meatballs. The traditionalists don’t ever use the chopsticks to prick. Don’t let the Thailand chopsticks to stay vertical in a bowl. Any object similar to a stick upward looks like the aromatic sticks that are offered to the members of a family in which decease happened. The chopsticks should never be placed crossbred on a table because it means death. If the chopsticks are placed in the spoon’s left on the table,


it’s only for the family’s deceased members. Don’t use the Thailand chopsticks to dig up the food in a common bowl and don’t take the food from the common bowl to get it to the mouth; place it first in the own plate. After you unbind the Thailand chopsticks, don’t gall them one of another; this thing means that their surface was not polished, being a criticism for the host who put cheap chopsticks on the table.



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