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Thailand Chiang Mai

King Mengrai is the one who founded Chiang Mai, in 1296; at that time this Thailand city was the capital of Lanna Thai, the first independent state.

Today, Chiang Mai has about 167.000 people and you can still see the Burmese influence on culture, cuisine, religion, language and architecture.

This city perfectly reflects the modern aspirations and the rich cultural heritage of Thailand.

Here you can see modern and busy markets selling wares, teak houses on narrow streets, all in the modern skyscrapers’ shadow.


Old City represents the heart of Chiang Mai, an area with moats and wall vestiges that were used as defence as surroundings.


Still, Chiang Mai is one very modern city with many condominiums and shopping malls, the contrast between old and new being the city’s charm. It is the place where the Thais prefer to come during the March-May period due to the temperate climate they can find here comparing to the rest of Thailand where the climate is hot.


Chiang Mai Thailand

The tourists also prefer Chiang Mai for its central location which makes this city the ideal base for Thailand’s exploration.


There are over 700 temples in Chiang Mai as well as unique sites. Wat Chedi Luang is a complex dating from 1411 and in 1545 it was ruined by a strong earthquake.


The complex used to house the emerald Buddha which is now placed at Wat Phra Kaeo in Bangkok. In the 1400’s middle, the massive edifice had 280 feet (84 metres) height.


At the complex’s exterior you can see a Buddha statue. Wat Phan Tao is another temple that can be seen in Chiang Mai, with Spirit House (wihaan) of wood and its central shrine (the bot) as well as nice carvings on the door and on the eaves. One of the most venerated temples in Chiang Mai is Wat Phra Singh, a site where numerous religious ceremonies, especially on the Songkran Festival’s period.


It is the place where about 700 monks study, the tourists finding them curios and friendly. The mounds (chedi) were built in 1345 by King Phayu, to keep his father’s (King Kamfu) cremated remains.


The library dating from the 14 the century has graceful carvings and roofline with separate elevations. It is supposed that the sculptural figures of devata (Buddhist spirits) in meditative and dancing poses date from the reign of King Muang Kaeo (the 16 the

century). The Wat Suan Dok is a complex special for the pleasant surroundings and the contemplative spirit and less for architecture. King Ku Na built the temple in the 14 the

century and now the temple is the home of few monks who isolated here from all the outside world’s distractions. This Chiang Mai temple has many attractions such as the massive Chiang Saen Buddha made of bronze and dating from 1504, the garish murals,


the royal cemetery where some wonderful shrines can be seen and the chedi, which was built to sustain a Buddha’s relic. There are many other attractions waiting for you in Chiang Mai.



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