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Thailand Charities



Thailand Charities

The Thailand charities are supported by all kind of organizations for children, youth, animals, mothers, disabled, environment and so on.

One interesting and touching thing related to the Thailand charities is a painting made by Lankam, an Asian elephant who painted this picture with other 7 elephants.


It was sold for 22.300 Euros and the money was used for the elephants sanctuary’s financing.

The 11 years old elephant is one of the eight elephants with artistic skills from the Maesa Camp in Chiang Mai from the North of Thailand who created hundreds of paintings. But this sold picture is also a record. Duanpen, Wanpen, Songpun, Pu Ood, Punpetch,


Kamsan, Kongkum and Lankam painted the picture officially recognized as the biggest and most expansive painting ever created by a group of elephants. The Swedish photographer Bronek Kaminski was visiting Maesa Camp when he discovered this park. He was amazed by these elephants which can hold the paintbrush in their trunks and paint like this is their second nature.


Charities Thailand

For those who can not spend thousands of Euros for a painting made by animals, the elephants also painted representations of a vase with flowers, available for less than 50 Euros. At 19 kilometres away of Chiang Mai, at Mae rim is a place also related to the Thailand charities: the Love Animal Sanctuary, the home of 90 animals, wild, domestic and farm animals.

The most of them were abused or unwanted and now are sharing a space of 17 rai. Among these animals are buffalos, bulls and cows and this place is their life home. The shelter is entirely sponsored by donations, private funding, book sales and memberships.


This facility’s aim is to offer the education regarding the animal welfare’s importance in the Thai society and also to offer facts about brutality, violence and neglect towards animals inside the pet and food industry. In order to make this shelter function well, the donations are required.


Thailand charities imply Child’s Dream, an organization established in 2003; it is a charitable organization and it helps the underprivileged kids living in the Mekong Sub-region, a place with numerous humanitarian crises when children suffer the most. Child’s Dream is focused on the neglected and remote area of this region. They have offices in Siem Reap-Cambodia and Chiang Mai-Thailand, serving as bases for their humanitarian activities. The stuff has 30 members who try to work in most effective and efficient way to reach their goal of improving the education and the health of the children as well as providing social and economic opportunities for their families.

Thailand Charities


The Gift of Happiness Foundation is also among the Thailand charities which brings smiles to children from the poor areas of Bangkok, orphanages, to the street children or kids from the safe houses and slum schools. Founded in 2009, the foundation offer free simple comedy shows with clowns as well as medical supplies, toys, clothing, bedding and educational equipment. All the people who work at this foundation are volunteers, they receive no money for their work.



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