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Thailand Catfish



Thailand Catfish

The fisherman from the North of Thailand caught the biggest Thailand catfish that has ever been fished, having 293 kilograms and the sizes of a grizzly bear, which they integrally eaten, according to the WWF Foundation and the National Geographic Society.


The Thailand catfish was captured in the Mekong River which is the home of the most numerous species of giant fish in the world. Doctor Zeb Hogan from WWF said that a new record was discovered, a stunning discovery for science.

The local ecologists and authorities tried to negotiate the fish’s releasing to continue its migration to the country’s North but it was already dead and the villages eaten it.


This gigantic Thailand catfish is the biggest and rarest species in the South-East of Asia. It represented the study subject of the National Geography Society, dedicated to the study of the freshwater fish that have more than 2 metres in length and 100 kilograms. The fishermen fought for one hour to haul the 2.7 metres Thailand catfish. This 9 feet length may transform this fish into the largest freshwater fish that has ever been recorded.


Catfish Thailand

The scientific name of the Mekong giant catfish is Pangasianodon Gigas and is on the critically endangered species made by the IUCN (the World Conservation Union, meaning that it has a high extinction risk in the wild. This rare specimen found in the Chiang Khong district is the largest one of all recorded in Thailand. According to Hogan, these big species are not enough studied and urgently need protection.

Being so rare in so many places, there are few chances for a full documentation and the study can be lost soon.

Fisheries officials’ hope was to strip the Thailand catfish of its eggs and then to release it but the fish died.


April and May is the period when this giant Mekong fish can be caught in the Chiang Khong district because it is the time of their running upstream to the spawning grounds.


In countries like Laos and Thailand fishing giant Thailand catfish is a long tradition, in the North-East of Thailand being some cave paintings of this fish;


this means that the Mekong people living 1000 years ago were fascinated by the giant fish.


There also people who believe that the Thailand catfish is sacred because it sits and meditates on the Mekong River’s depths, like a Buddhist monk. Eating this fish it is thought to bring good luck so the prices of the Thailand catfish are high. Its taste is somehow muddy.

The future of this fish is not seen as positive by the conservationists who are concerned since the number of the Thailand catfish was in the past between 100 and 1000 times larger than in our days.


There are no certain reasons for the number’s collapse but it is assumed that among the reasons are the dams’ construction, the over-fishing and the degradations of the habitats. 

Thailand Catfish

The Golden Triangle is the place where the Thailand catfish spawns.



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