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Thailand Capital City



Thailand Capital City

Fascinating, amazing, explosion of light and colour, the Thailand capital city represents all these and even more. It’s a true metropolis, a happy marriage of the past with the present, a crucible from which haughty glass and steel columns come up along with temples and pagodas, omnipresent in the entire city. Situated in the South East’s heart, Thailand means ‘the land of the frees’, because over the 800 years of history of the kingdom, known in past with the name of Siam, the Thai ethnics can be proud to be the only people from this part of Asia which has never been vanquished to the colonization. The capital of Thailand from 1872, Bangkok is considered one of the most cosmopolite cities of Asia,


being the cultural, spiritual, diplomatic and commercial centre of the kingdom. Often called ‘the City of Angels’ of the ‘Orient’s Venice’, Bangkok is a true metropolis, having over 10 million people, over 400 temples, 800 hotels and scratching clouds with futuristic architecture and no less than 22 area which deserve the title of ‘city’s centre’. Full of life, exotic and fascinating, Bangkok is a happy mix of the past with the present.


Thailand Capital City

To come to the Thailand city capital and not visit the Big Palace is like visiting Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower. With the multicoloured roofs, with the shiny towers, the buildings of the Big Palace are truly amazing.


From the huge complex which serves today to the official ceremonies, the most visited is the Buddha’s Temple.

In the temple’s hall, on a 11 meters high altar, is the Buddha’s statue, sculpted not in emerald but in a superb green jade. The statue, which has only 75 centimetres in height, is one of the most venerated objects of cult from Thailand.


The palace is open every day between 8.30 and 15.30 and the price of the ticket is $3, the decent clothing being mandatory. As famous as the Big Palace is Wat Arun, situated on the Chao Praya River’s shore, which is a pagoda in khmer style, tall of 79 meters and covered with multicoloured porcelain plates.


The Marble Temple or Wat Benchamabophit, which was built during the king Chulalongkorn’s reign and accommodates an impressive collection of Buddha’s bronze images.


The Wat Pho Temple, which was one of the firsts laic schools on Bangkok is situated close to the Big Palace and accommodates a gigantic statue of Buddha, which has 49 meters and a famous school of traditional massage.


This temple is daily open between 8 and 17 and the ticket costs around $0.5. Vimanmek is the biggest teck wood building in the world.


The building of 3 floors has 81 rooms with an impressive collection of art objects from the end of the century.

Pra Pathom Chedi which is a huge pagoda situated at the city’s entrance, is 1000 years old and has a height of 120 metres.

Capital City Thailand

Other attraction point is the National Museum, considered the biggest museum from the South-East Asia.



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