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Thailand Calendar



Thailand Calendar

The tourists who went to Thailand observed that the Thailand calendar is different than theirs.

Thais use the calendar that shows the Buddhist Era, counting the years since Buddha got into Nirvana.

Predating the Christian Era by 543 years, according to the Thailand calendar the year 2011 is actually 2554. The system of the solar calendar was adopted by Thailand in the 1880s for the Western calendar synchronization; despite this, the New Year started with April the 1 st till 1941, when the New Year started on January the 1 st.

Buddhist Christian Era and Buddhist Era are shown by the Thailand calendars as well as the dates that calculates the lunar months, belonging to the old system.


The lunar months don’t fit solar the solar calendar. The November month, for example, although it is the 11 th month of the year it’s actually the  12 th  lunar month. The lunar Thailand calendar is used because all the Buddhist festivals and holidays are based on this calendar. From the lunar calendar the Thais find in which day is the ‘wan phra’, Loy Krathong, Khao Phansa and the holy day.


Thailand Calendar

King Rama V (Chulalongkorn) adopted the Thailand solar calendar in 1888. Suriyakati is the Thai name of this calendar and is the Gregorian calendar’s Siamese version. Although the lunar calendar is still used, the solar Thailand calendar is the official one.


The Christian Era is included in the calendars in Arabic and Chinese numerals.


The public holidays and the Sundays are marked by the red numerals and the Wan Phra (the Thai Sabbaths) are marked by Buddha red images.


The Chinese calendar’s full and new moons are marked by the white Chinese characters on red tablets.


There are also the drawings of the national lottery marked by blue figures in order to predict the number for the last 2 digit and 3 digit prizes (for example, 538 on the April 19 th , 078 on April 15 th and so on).


The dates of the Thailand lunar calendar are below the dates of the solar calendar. Currently, January 1 st (the New Year’s Day of the Common Era)


and the celebration of Songkran (the traditional New Year in Thailand) are both public holidays in the land of smiles. April 13 is the date when the Chinese zodiacal animal changes, in the traditional Thailand calendar. The Chinese communities from Thailand use the Chinese calendar that determines in which day their New Year begins; from this calendar they also can assume the next animal’s name. The Thailand lunar calendar is also known as the Tai calendar, the Dai calendar and the Patithin Chantharakhati – which literally means ‘against the sun moon days). This calendar is the Thai version of the Buddhist calendar that used in countries from the South-East Asia such as Burma, Laos and Cambodia.

Calendar Thailand

It is used to calculate the holy days and is based on the Hindu Calendar Surya Siddhanta from the 3 rd century. In these countries the solar calendar and the lunar calendar are combined for a nominal 12 months year.



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