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Thailand Café

Thailand café is a restaurant with Thai specific, usually known as the Thai café and with centers in America and Europe. In California, for example you can find a Thai café in Milpitas, on 692 Barber Lane Milpitas.

The restaurant has also a bar, all the goodies being from the Thai cuisine. The chef of this restaurant has visited many places such as New York, Thailand, Hong Kong and France in order to have an as rich as possible culinary experience.

Together with his team, the chef wishes you to have a very pleasant experience at their restaurant. You have a full list of noodles and soups, appetizers, rice plates, fried rice, salads, curry, vegetarian food, lunch combinations, drinks and desserts.


The atmosphere is comfortable and relaxing, the outdoor patio is large so spoil your self with a chicken satay, a coconut shrimp or a par Thai. You can also try the coconut ice cream (homemade), the sweet rice and mango, the popular sake martini or other martini from the entire variety. For other details you can call at: 408 955 9992. The program is from 11.00 to 3.00, Monday to Friday, for lunch, and from 5.00 to 11.00 for dinner. Saturday: from 5.00 to 10.00 and Sunday: from 11.00 to 3.00 and from 5.00 to 11.00.


Cafe in Thailand

The Thai Cafe in Durham, North Carolina, is owned by Kanchana and her brother Oddy since 25 years ago.

Their restaurant has a huge success in the United States of America.


Their successful recipe includes attentive and good service, comfortable and pleasant atmosphere, prices that make you come back again and again, consistently and tasty food, the drinks and the food are prepared and served in a tidy and clean environment.


The two brothers prepare authentic recipes from Thailand based on the main ingredients they can find in Bangpoo, the village situated in the Bangkok’s South-East, on the Thailand’s gulf, the place where the two brothers come from. Sweet, salt, bitter and sour are the four important tastes included in recipes, in a perfect balance.


And, as in any Thai food, the hot aspect doesn’t miss.


The ingredients are prepared carefully, the items are cut in small pieces, the seasonings covering the surface area much more.


In this way, the fresh flavors and the crispness are retained by pieces when they are stir-fried.

Each of the recipes contains fresh ingredients. Among the menu’s specialties are: the shrimp salad, the Thai salad, the spicy seafood soup, the silver noodle soup, the Yum Won Sen, the crispy squid, the crispy fried tofu, the drunken noodle, the spicy spaghetti, the baby corn, the chicken masaman with avocado, the eggs rolls, the spicy seafood mix, the roasted duck with red curry, the pineapple fried rice and so many more.

As dessert you can enjoy the coconut cake or the crème brulee with vanilla bean, both homemade.

Thailand Cafe

The address of this Thai café is: 2501 University Drive, Durham, North Carolina. Reservations can be made at: 919 493 9794.



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