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Thailand by Night



Thailand by Night

Thailand by night is fascinating, no matter if you are in Bangkok, Koh Samui, Phuket, Pattaya or other places. Phuket, for example, has a superb night life! Numerous places where you can feel great, relax, and, at some moment, at the Northern end of the main street appears another Thailand by night at which many men are dreaming of! And this area has about 2 kilometres!

Pattaya is the first city closest to Bangkok, where you will find the Thailand by night you have heard about.

There are all kind of clubs for crazy nights spent among coloured cocktails and women, bazaars open all night long, Thai massage salons (and not only) that works all night and with prices more than modest,


women for all tastes and pockets at every corner of a street but also local stores which are like some real malls and are open almost till the morning comes. If you don’t want to fly to the island, you can enjoy the beach of Pattaya, the perfect place to ‘taste’ Thailand by night but also to fill your bags with nice things at fine prices. Chaweng- Koh Samui is also a place with discos, bars, cabarets, pubs and of course, go go bars.


By Night in Thailand

And if you still are hungry for Thailand by night, don’t miss it in Bangkok!


The night life here has a deserved reputation as being wild and interesting, and safe, funny and relaxed, in the same time.


It offers everything for everybody, from bars with live music to extraordinary nightclubs.


After the sun goes down, Bangkok seems like it juts woke up.

The city has four important areas in which Thailand by night can be met. Each of these areas is full of clubs with style and various musical rhythms.

There are also a lot of bars which made the night life in Bangkok to become very popular.

The fun is guaranteed in these bars with bar dancers or exotic dancers who entertain the clients with their sensuality.


In Bangkok you can go to so many places with musical events for all the tastes. The Thais are known as live music lovers and in a lot of places you can enjoy a variety of music:


from noisy bars and full of life, to more classical places with classic or jazz music.


In Bangkok are also many bars with American, Irish and British specific, extremely popular among the foreigners who live in the city and among the European tourists who can enjoy the draft beer in a familiar atmosphere.


Thailand by night also means to go shopping during the night. There are places from where you can buy pretty cheap things from merchants who sell all night long.

The nigh life in Bangkok is more than various and you can be sure that you will not get bored in your vacation here.

Thailand by Night

No matter what city you chose for your trip, Thailand by night will offer you an amazing experience and great memories!



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