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Thailand Business Etiquette



Thailand Business Etiquette

The Thailand business etiquette is not as formal as other countries’ but there are things that you may do and be seen as rude.

When you want to ask your partners about their opinions and questions, be careful to not make it in a direct manner.

The direct questions may be interpreted as rude. Don’t be surprised if your Thai business partners will want to see you several times before signing the contract.

A male who conducts business in this country must has his hair cut and his face shaved, has to wear a white shirt with long sleeves, tie, office pants and the shoes must be polished.

The jacket is not mandatory with the exception of the formal social events.


If the male has jewelry or tattoos he has to hide them, the wedding ring being the exception. The females have to wear a simple blouse that covers the shoulders and a jacket of a dark color; the skirt has to be long to the knees.


This is actually the usual business uniform in Thailand for women. Also, the business women have to wear bra and their hair can be short or long. The jewelry worn by the women involved in Thai business must be sensible.


As a business partner you can praise your Thai partners but not specific praises that refers to a possession because that partner would feel obligated to offer you that thing. If you are invited in the house of your business partner you have to take you shoes off. You should avoid the meetings at the first or the last hours of the day because the transport difficulties.


Be careful not to make jokes about the Thailand’s Queen or King, and also do not criticize them because it would be considered illegal. You just show respect to both of the Royalty faces. According to the Buddhism (the national religion) tradition, the head is sacred and you must avoid touching a partner’s head.


You will see that your Thai partners will need some time to consult with other people before taking any final decision.


It is because they don’t take fast decisions and you don’t have to rush them because it will mean that you are a weak person. The wai is the traditional way of greeting; the hands have their palms united and must be raised, with the fingers upwards. When you make the wai you must bow your head. The younger persons must offer wai to the older persons and the higher are the hands placed, the higher the given respect is. In Thailand business etiquette an important place is played by the business card which ahs to be of quality and exchanged with your partner at her/his initiative. You should offer the card to the oldest person of the group, first, and you have to offer it or receive it with the right hand.


The first name is used generally, preceded by Khun – a honorific title, used for women and men.  



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