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Thailand Bus



Thailand Bus

If you wan to travel with a Thailand bus then you must know that there are many types of buses in this country:

the blue Thailand bus with air conditioned and with a cost of 8 baht for a trip of 8 km.

The cost may rich even 20 baht if the trip is longer. The orange (or cream) Thailand bus has also air conditioned, being the most spacious and newest. A ticket costs from 10 baht to 20 baht.


This bus has the signs with destination in English on side. There is also the green Thailand bus, that are not very liked, not only because it is small but also because it pollutes more, has not very polite drivers and its routes change often, confusing the passengers.


 A trip costs 2.5 baht, no matter the distance. The purple Thailand bus stops only if there are available seats, the standing people are not allowed.


Bus in Thailand

A trip costs 25 baht no matter the distance, the buses have air conditioned and you need to have exact fare; the money have to be dropped in a slot that is placed close to the driver and so you can’t receive the change.


The driver can see if you put the money in the right amount through a window situated on his side of the money box. After you drop the money the driver will press a button to print a receipt for you.

The receipt printer can be situated in different places inside a Thailand bus; can be behind you, close to the drop box, towards and above the bus’ inside or against the window.


You should keep the receipt in your hand or pocket because it may be checked by the spot-checking auditors of the micro buses. The open-aired Thailand bus is red, has no air conditioned and a trip costs 3.5 baht if you take it till midnight and 5 baht after the midnight, no matter the distance.


Important to know is that this type of Thailand bus was created for the poor Thais who don’t have to pay the trip. So, if you are not a Thai citizen, be sure to pay the ticket. A new model of Thailand bus came in 2008, working with liquefied natural gas and not gasoline or diesel. In every Thailand bus, excepting the micro buses, you will see an employee walking up and down to take the money for tickets. All you have to do is to seat and wait for the employee to come. A ticket for a trip with the air conditioned bus has different prices, based on the distance. So, when the employee comes to take the fare you have to tell him the destination’s name. In general, these employees understand English.

Thailand Bus


If you travel with a non-air conditioned Thailand bus, the fare is flat free so you don’t have to say something to the fare employee. In case of the receipt, keep the tiny paper for an eventual control.



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