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Thailand Brothels



Thailand Brothels

Brothels in Thailand

The Thailand brothels are famous all over the world. The Bangala Road, for example, is the main street of Patong.


On some maps is written with red and the ‘connoisseurs’ know why. The girls are many, hundreds, thousands, millions. They sit on the road’s edge, alone or in groups of two-three and attract you with their eyes.

The most of them smile. The ones moving appealed to other marketing instruments. For example, they put a hand on your behind. Or, they push you, ‘by mistake’ to make them selves clear. On the small streets which derive from Banagala, the bars are full of gals. Some of them dance on tables, other smoke erotically.


Other drink their Mai-Thai waiting for the Occidental provocation, which doesn’t late to come. You can take a girl for a ‘number’ in the Thailand brothels or you can have her for a night, more days or even a week. The foreigners appeals often to the last variants.


Trying to understand how the things stay, you discover that everything is easy: they come in Thailand to enjoy sex and tenderness. In exchange the girls offer a sentimental abandon (on money) which gets them out of the poorness for couple of days.

At a population of over 65 million people, the international statistics estimates that in Thailand work a number of about 2.8 million prostitutes, from which a quarter are minor. They are visited daily, according to the same statistics, by 4.6 million locals but also by over 500.000 tourists who organise trips in exclusively sexual goals. The turnover of this industry reaches every year $4.3 billion. The sexual tourism’s history is relatively recent in Thailand.

During the Vietnam War the American soldiers used to come in Pattaya- just a simple fishing city then- to rest and recovery. The little village, situated in the Chonburi province, on the Siam bay’s shore became a interesting place not only for the local merchants but also for the women coming from the poor families of the area. In time, Patayya developed as a sexual touristic destination.

The most of the prostitutes come from poor families from the Thailand’s North-East, which are sold by their relatives or come by their own in the seashore villages bars.


But, the quality of capital of sex was taken by Patong, today.


Without being of an out of common aesthetics, this place is very frequented by the foreign citizens. If during the day,


the life is calm, only the girls from the massage saloons inviting the strangers and breaking the silence of the heat, in the night the people are agitated.


The main area from Patong fills, slowly but certainly, with thousands of girls which- in the colourful rays of the lightning firms- invite the tourists to a company full of strong emotions, inedited and very cheap.

Thailand Brothels

In groups of two, three or four, the girls attracts the tourists with daring gestures- looks, a touch- keeping in the same time the ingénue appearance under which many of them hide their true age. 



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