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Thailand Breast Implants



Thailand Breast Implants

The Thai women – and not only- who are not satisfied with their breasts, wanting them bigger, fuller, firmer have the possibility of having some Thailand breast implants.

The correct definition of this surgery is mammoplasty and is done by inserting the implants under the breast’s tissue.

The Thailand breast implants can last up to two hours; it depends on the incision’s sort, the implant’s pocket placement and the implant type.

Most of the women who want Thailand breast implants are not satisfied with their breast natural size but also the women who suffered a removal of their breast (s) because of cancer. Thailand breast implants are various so the patient  can choose from implants with silicone gel in a silicone shell,


saline implants with sterile saline solution in a shell of silicone elastomer as well as the soy oil alternative. As the result of the Thailand breast implant, the woman will feel more confident in herself, her self-esteem will increase and waist’s curvature will be accentuated.


Breast Implants Thailand

One of the women’s fears refers to the side affects of a silicone implants.

Thailand breast implants as well as any surgical procedure have some risks such as: infection, bleeding, leakage and implant rupture, scarring, obstruction of a mammography, problems at child’s breast-feeding, sensations’ changes in breasts and nipples.

Other question related to Thailand breast implants is about the hospitalization period. This may last one or two days, depending on the implants type.

For a 400-525 cc implant the hospitalization is of one night and for a 525-1000 cc implant, the patient has to stay 2 nights in hospital.


For those women who wonder about the scars of the Thailand breast implants the doctors say that the scars can become even invisible in time. And if you are afraid of The normal activities after Thailand breasts implants can be resumed after 6 weeks but it depends on each patient and on the implants. The anaesthesia given for this type of surgery you must know that general or local anaesthesia is used.


The results of a breast implant are long lasting and as regarding the pain, the implants can be painful; after the surgery the women feel pains that can be controlled wit the pain medication. Thailand breast implants are of two types: sub-glandular and sub-muscular.

The first one is ideal for the women with a rich quantity of breast tissue, has an important risk of feeling the implant’s folds with saline. It is a procedure used in the case of the implants with silicone gel. The sub-muscular Thailand breast implants are for the women with a low mammary gland, offer a more natural feel, the implants’ recovery is the best and the risk of feeling the implant’s folds is reduced.

Thailand Breast Implants


As regarding the costs of the Thailand breast implants, they vary from $2800 to $8000, depending on the city where you have the surgery and on the implant’s size. For example, a less 400 cc implant costs $2800, a 550-880 cc implant - $4200.



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