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Thailand Blood



Thailand Blood

The Thailand blood is a form of protest of the Red Shirts which are decided to obtain the Thai premier’s resignation. These threw their donated blood in front of the government’s building, in a symbolic gesture that reflects the ‘sacrifice’ of the people neglected by the country’s leadership.


Thousands of demonstrators supporting the ex-premier, Thanksin Shinawatra, in exile now, gathered in March 2010 to donate blood which they threw it then on the sidewalk from the front of the government but also on the doors of the building.


One of the Red Shirts’ leaders, Veera Musikapong said that the blood is an oblation to show their love for nation and the sincerity.


Other leader, Nattawut Saikur, said that they are in fight, and if the premier will not have blood on his hands, will have on his feet. About 10.000 members of the Red Shirts gathered in March 2010 in the Thailand’s capital, to ask the resignation of the premier Abhisit. The demonstrators arrived from the rural areas of the North and The North-East of the country, considered illegal the tenure of the premier title by Abhisit, came at power at the end of 2008, as a result of the parliamentary alliances.


Thailand Blood

They promised to remain in Bangkok till the anticipated elections convocation. The vice-premier Suthep Thaugsuban appreciated that the manifestation could last a longer time.


The premier Abhisit, of 45 years old refused to resign saying that the Parliament’s dissolution can’t take place if is not in the country’s behalf. He also added that no decision can be taken between Government and demonstrators because it concerns the entire country. According to the Thai law, the premier is not forced to organize elections till the end of 2011.


The Red Shirts manifestations interfered at two weeks after the justice’s decision to confiscate more than a half of the ex-premiers’ fortune, accused of power abuse when he was in the government. The businessman was thrown aside from power in 2006 through a coupe d’etat and could be in Montenegro now.


The actual premier added that he proposed for an agreement on May 3 but the offer will be kept only if the violence will stop. He said, in a TV show, that the parts have to collaborate and all the violence has to stop.


If these can be done, the anticipated elections will take place and if not, they won’t.

His proposals include reforms to approach the social injustice, one of the important complains of the Red Shirts. Abhisit also propose the establishment of an independent organism made to assure important news reported by the mass media; a committee to investigate the violence arisen during the demonstrations and the politic reform, inclusive the eventual constitutional amendments.

The Red Shirts made in special from the poor areas of Thailand, from the rural and the urban medium, insist that they will not let themselves hurried.

Blood Thailand

One of the leaders asked an investigation regarding the events of April 10, when 25 person s were killed.



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