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Thailand Blog

Thailand is a very beautiful, interesting and attractive country and so there’s no wonder that there are many Thailand blogs on Internet.

One these blogs is, where you can read many useful things about this country such as: places we can visit, the travelling possibilities inside Thailand, the Thailand politics, crime, working or the wildlife of this country.

From this Thailand Blog you can find information about the snake season, which lasts from June and ends one month later. You can read about what snakes you can see in this season, which are them are dangerous and how you can avoid them.

Buddhism is other interesting part of the blog, with information about temples, symbols and the importance of this religion.


The has even a dating page for those interested in finding a date in Thailand. If you are planning a visit to Thailand, then is what you need.


Blog in Thailand

There is information about many places from this country such as: Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, etc. General news about the travelling in Thailand is also available. A very complex blog is, with a lot of photos from Thailand, a chat room, news, forum and so many more!


Not only that you will find pictures from all aspects of the Thai life but you will also find information about those aspects (for example, the Thailand school uniform: pictures and details about the uniforms worn by the Thai children).


From this blog you can go to This Thailand blog writes about the Thai holidays and festivals (Wisakha Bucha Day, national elephant day, the children’s day, etc), about the Thai traditional food and restaurants (with details about what are the rules you have to follow inside a Thai restaurant), about the vegetables and the fruits that can be found in Thailand, about the social problems of this country as well as about the cultural activities.


The history, culture, things recommended to do and not to do while you are in Thailand, as well as the Buddhism and the Thai superstitions are also approached on this blog. is such a complete blog that you have to spend some time here!


Anything from health, blogs and bloggers, language, history in Thailand to Buddhism, stores, attractions, flights, holidays, hotels, elephants, humour and food is discussed here.

The Royal Thai family is other subject of the blog, with their talents and hobbies. The women of Thailand, the tattoos, the superstitions, the books, markets and music are also things you can read about.

If you want to come to Thailand and you want to take your pets with you, on this blog you can find the necessary information about the conditions of bringing animals with you. All of the people who want to learn the Thai language are recommended to visit

Thailand Blog

Here you can find how you can learn the Thai language online for free, you can find links of online Thai dictionaries, books and ways of learning fast a forest language.



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