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Thailand Black Magic



Thailand Black Magic

Are you interested in black-coloured food for cursing? The female ghosts with long tongues able to poke through a roof give you shivers?

Are you looking for hidden solutions to different problems? Then Thailand black magic should be very interesting to you! In Wat Mahabhut is a Buddhist temple where people look for strange cure for the love and sex problems.

People bring offerings to a shrine of Mae Nak, a Thailand black magic woman that is seen as a virtuous woman who died during her childbirth.

To caress her husband, after her death, Mae Nak acted like a living person. She was chased away by her scared neighbours. The people ask the magic woman for good luck at school, job, and of course, love.


Around the shrine are stalls with clothes and toys for children which are bought by people and offered to Mae Nak. People say that they come to this shrine because they love to have hope. If you have shopping in Thai stores you have the chance to meet something related to the Thailand black magic: you may receive a little envelope with a printed fortune - an animal symbolising the year you were born.


Black Magic in Thailand

To be protected from ghosts the Thai men wear feminine clothes in bed; in this way they hope to trick the female ghosts who may sexually ravage them while sleeping till they orgasm to death.


As the Thais believe in spirits, they bring food at the figurines and statues to keep them feed and happy.


Many houses in Thailand have a small dollhouse placed on a pedestal to keep the spirits away.


Under the pointy roof of the spirit house are placed totems, water, food, figurines, flowers or incenses.


When a new house is built, the Thais erect a little dwelling for the spirits that may be living around. The ones who believe in the Thailand black magic collect wooden phalluses: the prostitutes collect them to have more customers, the men who want to have great success to women and the women who want to get pregnant.


Many Thais consider that the commercial luck is brought by a hand-carved penis.

The phalluses’ size ranges from small to fat, from the ones to put at the keychain to those to put in gardens. In the Thailand black magic, the tattoos inked by the adept magicians or by the Buddhist monks protect a wearer against knives, bullets, predict the days with luck or bring love.


Also, the aromatic flowers that are brought to the Buddhist temples must not be sniffed. According to a monk, the people in Thailand believe in superstitions because they have faith, because of their lack of education and jobs.

Thailand Black Magic


The ones who practice the Thailand black magic use strange rituals and scary stories that terrify the naive believers who must pay a lot of money or do illegal or immoral acts to get rid of demons. The people with no information or education are the ones who appeal to these methods.



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