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Thailand Birds



Thailand Birds

There are 982 Thailand birds species, officially recorded, of which one was introduced by people, three are endemic and 45 are accidental or rare. 49 species are threatened at global level and 7 of them are extirpated in Thailand.

159 resident species and 23 migratory were declared vulnerable or endangered in 1991, because of the illegal logging, forest clearance, habitat degradation and hunting.

The birds affected are water birds leaving in a wetland habitat diminished by agriculture, as well as birds living in forests which were deforested and degraded.  

From all the Thailand birds the Cattle Egret was naturally colonised and the Java Sparrow was introduced by humans.


The endemic Thailand birds are few because the habitats of this country are close to the one of the neighbouring countries. The White-eyed River Martin is maybe the most interesting having one Thailand wintering site. Among the Thailand birds are the grebes, some diving birds with small and medium sizes.

These birds eat from the fresh water and migrate in winter visiting the sea.


Birds in Thailand

They are excellent divers and swimmers, have lobed toes but also feet situated far back on the body, a thing that make them not very gracious on land.


There are 19 grebe species in the world of which 3 are in Thailand: the little grebe, the black-necked grebe and the great crested grebe. Another Thailand birds are petrels and shearwaters, the principal group of ‘true petrels’, birds of medium size.


These birds have united nostrils, long outer and medium septum. 75 species are all over the world with 3 present in Thailand: the short-tailed shearwater, the wedge-tailed shearwater and the streaked shearwater.


The storm-petrels are other Thailand birds, of small size and spending their lives on sea; they also come ashore to eat, preferring the small fish they take from the water’s surface and the planktonic crustaceans. They take the small fish while pattering and hovering across the sea, their flight being bat-like and fluttering.


22 species are recorded all over the world and only one is in Thailand: the swinhoe’s storm-petrel. Among the Thailand birds are also the herons, egrets and bitterns. The egrets and the herons are medium and even large birds; they have long legs and necks.

The bitterns have shorter neck and fly using the neck retracted, not like the ibises, spoonbills and storks which have a longer neck. 61 species are worldwide and 20 of them can be met in Thailand: the black bittern, the great-billed heron and the cattle egret. The swifts are on the Thailand birds list also. They spend the most of the life flying and can’t settle on ground, excepting the vertical surfaces, because of their very short legs.

Thailand Birds

The wings of most of the swifts are long swept-back, resembling a boomerang or a crescent. 98 species are all over the world; in Thailand you can meet 14 of them, of which we mention: the pacific swift, the little swift, the glossy swiftlet, the edible-nest swiftlet and the silver-backed needletail.  



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