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Thailand Best Time To Go



Thailand Best Time To Go

If you wonder when Thailand best time to go is then you should now that it depends on each person and on his preferences and priorities.

Some want beaches and sun, without putting to much price on the costs, while others want to avoid the crowed season or have a smaller budget so they chose the rainy season.


From January to March the temperature is around 32 Celsius degrees in Thailand, with a low humidity and you have to be financial prepared because these are the most expansive months.

If you find this period as Thailand best time to go, make all the flight, accommodation and booking preparations with 3 months before; in this way you may find lowest costs.


For the popular places like Phuket or Khrabi you may have to make the preparations even earlier. In January the hotels may costs even double because this month is the year’s peak-month. This period is also characterised by a rich nightlife, crowded traffic and streets. April can also be Thailand best place to go, being the month before the rains starts and also it may be the year’s hottest month.


Thailand Best Time to Go

This month is the Songkran month, festivals of the New Year’s celebration by dousing tourists and each other with some cold water.


There is no place in the world where you can see something like this, an event that attracts many people, especially tourists. If you chose this period as Thailand best time to go, then expect to find some increased costs and numerous crowds.


For the majority of the visitors this is an incredible time for fun but it may not be for you if you prefer to stay in the hotel room and visit the attractions in peace, then you maybe should avoid this period.


May to August may be Thailand best time to go because is pleasant months, even if it’s the rainy season. The temperature is around 35 Celsius degrees, it may rain every day but you also may have the chance of cloudy days with sun with rain storms that last couple of hours.


It is the perfect time to relax, without the season crowds, with very advantageous prices for accommodation as well as very nice prices in stores. September and October can be Thailand best time to go if you love the humidity and rains; these months are the year’s wettest in Thailand. You can catch a nicer weather and the accommodations prices are extraordinary. The last two months of the year represent the high season’s start with more rarely rains and a reduced level of humidity. Of course you may have the bad luck of a not very nice weather but the days with clear sky and sunshine are numerous.

Best Time to go Thailand

It is true that in this period the tourist number increases but not like in the first two months of the year. So, if a very nice climate, good prices and a moderate tourists’ number are your favourite, then this is Thailand best time to go.



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