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Thailand Best Beaches



Thailand Best Beaches

Do you love nature and the holidays in peaceful areas, where relaxing is the main word? Then you really have to choose the Khao Lak resort beach from Phuket. These Thailand best beaches are laying over thousands of kilometres and are almost lonely.

The view is colossal: a hand of sand separates the blue waters of the Andaman Sea from the palms forest.


Over the hand, on a distance of 12 kilometres, is a cordon of Casuarina pines. In this area you can see coconut trees, palms and rubber trees.

A big attraction for tourists are the national parks Lam Ru and Khao Sok, territories covered by monsoon forests and abrupt rocks,


upon which versants with heights up to 1000 metres come up. Here you have the chance to admire the biggest flower in the world and there is anytime the possibility of an unscheduled meeting with elephants, tigers, bears or rhinos. Phuket, the biggest island of Thailand, with an area of almost 550 square kilometres is a superb place of natural beauty and relaxation. It’s also interesting through the fact that it is connected by continent by the famous bridge Saphan Sarasim-the Lovers Bridge.


Thailand Best Beaches

Although this island is one of the most visited Thai destinations, it keeps its natural look, the beautiful beaches and the azure sea.

Phuket deserves its popularity due to its inedited landscapes.

The mountains, the tropical forest, the waterfalls, the palms fields, the white beaches and the sky like waters are the combination for the rest lovers.


Phuket offers an active cultural life, a rich nightlife but also peaceful places for full relaxation.


The large number of sportive services and cultural centres like the Oceanographic Museum also don’t miss, as well as the big number of festivals but also the pulsing holiday of the New Year.


Phuket is the right place for the ones who give priority to the high standards regarding the swimming, accommodation or services. The island will impress you with its beaches, and for the gild lovers here were arranged 5 fields.


Those who come in Thailand to discover the sub aquatic world will not be disappointed. Phuket has about 100 diving places and in the Siliman Islands, the visibility in water gets up to 4 metres. Banglao Bay is a large and charming golf which has a 6 kilometres beach, with houses and other luxurious accommodation places. If you deicide to visit the North part of this region you will have the feeling that you sit on a place where no one has been before. Kamala Beach is other of the Thailand best beaches and it is situated at North of Patong. It attracts through its still atmosphere since the massive tourism flux haven’t got it and this is why the pleasant and relaxing atmosphere rule here in season too.

Best Beaches in Thailand

The region also attracts the ones who love surfing. From May to September the conditions for this sport are ideal here. The Phuket FantaSea is the biggest temptation.



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