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Thailand Beer



Thailand Beer

Thailand Beer

Beer used to be brought in Thailand by the visitors coming from Europe; beginning with 1933, Thailand beer is a national product. You can consume foreign beer in many restaurants and bars from Thailand but if you really want a good cold beer then you should ask for a local brew.


You should know that Thailand beer is stronger than others (6%) and it is served the most of the times, in a glass with some ice.


Among the locally Thailand beers are Siam and Phuket Beer which can be found in the Pathum Thani province. There are only two Thailand beers made after the German laws of purification: Federbrau and Phuket Beerl this last mentioned beer won the Gold Medal Award at the Best Lager category. The most famous Thailand beer outside the country is the Singha beer, crisp, clean, with light taste and exported to numerous countries.


It is the original Thailand beer, just perfect for the Thai spicy food and for the hot summers, respecting the German style. Some people think that the taste of this beer is too light. You can find the Singha beer in the most of the Thai restaurants; when you want to order it, pronounce ‘Singh’. There are regular Singha and light Singha; the latter is mild, crisp and has 3.5% alcohol. This light beer doesn’t have the watered-down taste of other light beers and also doesn’t have the same strong flavour like a regular beer. The most successful Thailand beer is Chang, number one in the selling tops. You will recognize the beer by the green label with two elephants. In the Thai language, the name of the beer means ‘elephant’ and the consumers say that the name fits very well since this Thailand beer has 6.4% alcohol, especially the one of 630 millilitres.


This represents double the strength of a normal light beer from the United States of America; at a simple calculation, the Chang beer has 4 times the alcohol for one bottle.


The malt flavour of this Thailand beer is more intense that the one of the Singha’s beer. Although the Chang Beer is popular, you may find the surprise of not finding it in some restaurants. Chang Beer is available in three kinds: Light, Draught and Classic. The first mentioned has 4% alcohol but doesn’t have the watered down taste. The draught one has less alcohol (5% instead of 6.4%) and is weaker as flavour content, too; it has the special aroma and malty taste. The Classic Chang Beer is the regular one. Another Thailand beer is the Leo beer, produced by the Singha’s producer and has the same light taste.

Beer in Thailand

The price of this beer is lower than the ones of Singha and Chang. The beer can be found in the smaller cities and this is why is difficult to find it a high-end shop but you can enjoy it in local smaller restaurants and at the convenience stores.



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