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Thailand Beaches Resorts



Thailand Beaches Resorts

Ao Nang is one of the famous Thailand beaches resorts situated in the country’s South-West, in the Krabi province. Ao Nang is well known for its beautiful beaches.

The centre is most accessible from the Krabi International Airport, the duration of a trip with the car being of about 40 minutes. There are also possibilities to commute but this would take a longer time. It certainly cheaper but the trip may last more than 2 hours.


The centre of this place is constituted from a main street which is full of stores, restaurants and bars.

Among the most popular we mention the Bernies Place with vegetarian specific and the Tonsai Restaurant.


The prices are of all categories and for the joy of the beer drinkers there are about 30 different types of beer. The most of them are from Belgium. There are also a lot of diving centers in Ao Nang which offers diving basic lessons. The sea with its rich underwater world is ideal for all the diving fans. The sea has a beautiful blue-azure color, big quantities of fish of all sizes and colors as well as superb coral reefs.


Thailand Beaches Resorts

After you admired one of the most beautiful beaches of the Krabi province, you can reserve some of your time for the rest of the desert islands and beaches situated around Ao Nang. Not far away from the centre of Ao Nang are about 83 little intact islands.


The beach has a lot of underground tunnels and caves which attract numerous visitors. Ao Nang has numerous hotels and accommodation places of high quality so you only have to choose one.


Around the city are other many tourist attractions such as Phi Phi, situated at about 35 kilometers, Patong at about 59 kilometers, the famous Phuket at about 57 kilometers.


At more 2 kilometers away is the Phuket FantaSea, and the fun can continue at Krabi, situated at about 11 kilometers away of Ao Nang, James Bond Island at abput 43 kilometers, Karon Beach at about 58 kilometers.


Let not forget about the Ao Phangnga National Park, at about 45 kilometers and the RaiLech beach at about 6 kilometers.


The above mentioned Krabi is continental resort beach situated in the South-West of the country, on the Shore of the Andaman Sea.

The beach with white and fine sand, the mountains covered with forest, caves, hot springs and hundred of islands close to shore made of sediments- here is the combination of all the earthly beauties.


Beside all of these, the limestone layers in combination with the tropical flora which covers them make some fantastic figurines. Pattaya is also o ne of the famous Thailand beaches resorts, the biggest of this country and is situated on the Siam bay’s shore, at 100 kilometers away of Bangkok.

Beaches Resorts in Thailand

Due to ‘its city status’, unlike other resorts with beaches, Pattaya after the sunset doesn’t slow the life’s tempo. The evenings are full of joy and activity just as much as during the day.



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