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Thailand Beach



Thailand Beaches

The Thailand beaches are numerous and splendid. At 160 km from the Bangkok’s South-East is situated ne of the biggest tourism centers of Thailand: the Pattaya resort.

There are bars, restaurants and night clubs and the divers love the coast from depths is full of numerous small islands and coral gardens. At 27 meters deep the Hardeep wreck is situated in which huge fish including one species of round fish.


The oldest lake of the country is situated at the edge of the Thailand’s bay, attracts not only foreign visitors but also the Thais themselves appreciate this resort- even the regal family has a summer residence here.


The city’s beach has a6 kilometers in length and the rocks predominate. Due to its favorable position, Hua Hin is often protected of bad weather even in the rainy season, the summery festival being open all the year. The Elephants’ Island (Koh Chang) is the second Thailand Island as size and its shape looks like an elephant’s head.


Thailand Beaches

Those who want to relax should search for the beach of Klong Prao. It has a length of 4 kilometers and seems divided in two by the Klong Prao River’s egress mouth. Ko Samui is the third island as length from Thailand and one of the mot loved vacation destinations.


It has 26 kilometers of beach with sand, one of them being Chaweng, on the Eastern shore of the island.


The long beach, the numerous coconut trees and the warm and clear sea offer a wonderful landscape even if Chaweng is the most visited beach from island. The Lamai Beach, on the Eastern shore of the Ko Samui Island is not as visited as the famous Chaweng.


Numerous hotels are here but the tourists have sufficient space on the edges of the bay; in the eastern part of the shore we found a coral reef which breaks the tall waves of the sea.


The beaches with sand, apparently endless and relatively calm from the region of the Khao Lak shore are extremely visited by the tourists who love the sea’s waves.


But the divers have reasons to come here, especially as the start point for the trips to the Similan Island. The region was devastated by the 2004 Tsunami but the tourists didn’t let themselves discouraged. The bay from Phang Nga is situated in the South of Thailand and is famous all over the world for its limestone rocks and the green-bleu water. There is a crag which the movies’ fans know as the ‘James Bond’s rock’ because it’s blown out in ‘The golden eye’. An excellent special effect since the crag can be seen today in the bay. Batong Beach is the most loved beach from the Thai vacation islands and it has an excellent touristic infrastructure – there is a diving school which initiates trips to the close diving areas.

Beaches in Thailand

Not faraway is Koh Dok Mai, an abrupt versant that has 30 meters in depths and Shark Point: three rocky formations populated with leopard-sharks.



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