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Thailand Beach Vacation



Thailand Beach Vacation

A Thailand beach vacation can not be other way than unique! Koh Samui, for example, is famous for its white beaches that lay on thousands of kilometers, for its exotic atmosphere and the relaxed rhythm in which everything happens and also for the numerous possibilities of recreation and entertaining.

The hotels are excellent and the services impeccable. Koh Samui is not only a beach destination but also an island rich in Buddhist culture, and this is why you will often see images of Buddha and very colorful temples, such as Wat Phra Yai which lodges the Big Buddha.

It is a statue of impressive dimensions that can be seen at a distance of couple of kilometers and Kunaram,


the temple in whoch the mummy of the monk Loung Pordaeng is preserved in his usually meditation position. Also called the Pearl of the Andaman, Phuket is blessed with bays and magnificent beaches with fine white sand, clear waters, a sincere and hospitable people, hotels and superb accommodation opportunities offering impeccable services,the Chinese-Portuguese architecture and numerous possibilities of practicing the water sports. 


Thailand Beach Vacation

This unique tropical landscape will create the necessary atmosphere for a truly unforgettable Thailand beach vacation.And if in the hours when the sun is on the sky, the entertainment’s sense is given by sea and sand, the night brings with it the music, the lights, the bars, the tourists arrived here for the first time being blown away by the nightlife’s twirl. Situated at 40 kilometers from Phuket, Phi Phi is an amazing archipelago made of 6 islands that have as common feature the limestone rocks and which now are a part of the Phi Phi Natioanl Park.


This archipelago is considered the Thailand’s superstar, with movies appearances.


It is the subject number one in the tourists’ conversations and despite the excessive mediation it will certainly not disappoint you.


Getting close with the boat, you will observe the rocks coming out of the water like a sea’s fortress.


The first contact with the beaches hidden by the thick jungle will be love at first sight.


One of the two important islands of the archipelago, Phi Phi Lei is totally not dwelled and the other one, Phi Phi Don, has no road. With no program, no agglomeration, you will relax as much as possible in this true paradise. Khai Nok is such a beauty, with its white beaches with such fine sands! It is a very popular destination, the perfect place for swimming, snorkeling, the coral reefs being some of the most beautiful from the Andaman Sea. The only problem is the tide: because of the reflux, at 3 hours after the lunch the water comes down so much that between you and the coral reefs remains a very small distance and if you don’t listen to the guide’s warnings you will have problems in getting back from water.

Beach Vacation Thailand

Other thing you can do on the island is to watch the fish (hundreds, thousands, of all colors and dimensions).



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