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Thailand Bangkok News

Among the Thailand Bangkok news is negative information as well as positive.


The negative one refers to a recent discovery of 2002 illegal aborted foetuses in a Buddhist temple.

The authorities of Bangkok, Thailand said that the foetuses were in an advanced stage of decomposition. According to CNN, the 2002 foetuses were found hidden in the Phai Nguern Chotinaram Temple.

They were discovered, accidentally; 348 were found first and then the rest of them.


According to Metee Rakpan, the police’s representative, the foetuses were there for about one year.


The Thailand police begun an investigation and arrested a woman, who, with the help of a clinic’s employee, does illegal abortions. The hypothesis that the foetuses were gathered from more illegal clinics, where abortions are made, was also taken into consideration by the investigators. The abortion is forbidden in Thailand, with the exception of the women who were raped and when the pregnant woman’s life is in danger.


Thailand Bangkok News

These discoveries shocked the entire Thailand and relight the debates regarding the abortion. This negative story of the found foetuses ‘shows the gravity of the problem’ according to the Thailand’s prime-minister Abhisit Vejjajiva. The prime-minister rejected the hypothesis of a legislative modification, which he described as being ’enough flexible’. The Public Health Department of Thailand, which launched an offensive at the address of the illegal abortion clinics, after these discoveries, informed that the number of the illegal abortion reached 80.000 in one year, in Thailand, where over one million of pregnancies is registered.


There are also positive and funny Thailand Bangkok news like the one related to a veterinary clinic from Bangkok that offers spa, yoga and acupuncture to dogs. If you ever thought that the limits of the attention paid to the animals were reached, you were wrong. The dogs from Bangkok, with well off owners, have access to acupuncture and spa.


The list of services offered by the Thonglor animal hospital, the biggest in Thailand, doesn’t differ too much to one of a human clinic: rehabilitation, treatments with ultrasounds, massage, acupuncture and reflexology.

Even more, the clinic has a specialist who teaches the dogs and the owners nothing else but yoga. The prices are not really small, this kind of services costing tens of dollars each but the canine hospital has over 20 patients daily. Thailand Bangkok news includes some more negative reports about three people killed and 9 injured in an explosion that happened in Bangkok.

Bangkok News in Thailand

According to BBC, the explosion produced at the periphery of the Thailand’s capital. The police assumed that the deflagration was caused by a bomb. The explosive dispositive was placed in a five floors building. A local television announced that the criminalist experts may have signs that the bomb was one of big power. There were many bomb attacks in Thailand this year but none has such amplitude. All these bomb attacks as well as the Red Shirts’ protests put in danger the tourism’s situation in Thailand.



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