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Thailand Bangkok



Thailand Bangkok

Thailand Bangkok is the capital of the country, the biggest city of Thailand, with more than 6 million people.

As size, it’s the 22th in the world and in the same time an important economic and financial centre of the South Asia.


The city the city begun as a market called Bang Makok, and the complete name is Krung Thep Maha Nakhon. Bangkok is the place where the very tall buildings are built with an amazing rapidity.

The cultural richness and the countless places that can be visited, transform the city in one of the most quested vacation destinations from Asia. Every year, about 15 million tourists come here.


Even if after you arrived in Bangkok everything seems still, once you get in front of the airport the things change: a lot of taxi drivers approach you and try to get some money from you and the cost of a trip may be bigger that the real one. Is better to know where you want to get and to have an idea about the price of the trip fro airport to your hotel. As regarding the hotels, Bangkok has offers as various as possible. There are luxurious hotels such as the Oriental Hotel.


Thailand Bangkok

The Sukhumvit Street is the space of the famous hotels which belong to the international chain: The Davis, The JW Marriot, The Sheraton, The Landmark or The International.


But the oldest and most luxurious hotel remains the Oriental Bangkok.


For those who an not afford to stay at these hotels there is a huge number of hotels and motels, where the prices are more accessible and the conditions better than you may think.


When it comes to options of spending the time in Bangkok, you will certainly not find time to get bored.


A major attraction it’s represented by the spa treatments.


You will find any type of massage and treatment at reduced prices.


For the gold lovers, Thailand is like a paradise, an impressive number of fields being available at good prices too. Other place that you don’t have to miss is the Grand Palace.


This represents a unique architectural objective where you will find the most important and venerated statue of Buddha from Thailand. It’s recommended to visit the place yearly in the morning in order to avoid the agglomeration. Don’t wear short pants and sandals in this area because the access is allowed only in clothes they consider decent. For a tax you can have your own guide who will offer you details in many languages of international circulation. At 30 kilometres of Bangkok is a weird ‘farm’ of crocodiles where no less than 60.000 species representatives can be found. The animals can be fed by the visitors and at every hour some representations in which somebody sits in a crocodile’s mouth.

Thailand Bangkok

There are also snakes, lions, gibbons and trained elephants as well as a small museum of dinosaurs where the skeletons of these animals can be seen.



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