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Thailand Band

Kid Insane is a Thailand band founded in 2005 by Bomb (playing drums) and Samuel (playing vocals and guitar). After one year the band completed with Nai (at guitar), Palm (at guitar) and Phu Chiaki (at bass).

They are based in Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, and their style is indie/art/progressive.

The Thailand band’s trust in themselves is extraordinary and comes from the band’s core, Samuel, who transmits creativity, artistic instinct and confidence. The name of the band comes from the founder’s passion for the band Radiohead whose original name was Scatterbrain. Even if this Thailand band received some negative comments the members know their goal and keep their confidence in their music.


Kid Insane’s goal is to make a change in the Thai music and not only, to take the indie style into the Thai culture’s forefront. Endorphine is another Thailand band, very popular and having the rock as their style. Endorphine’s members are: Anucha Boethongkhamkul Kia (playing at guitar), Thapaphol Amornmanus Bomb (playing drums), Thanat Amornmanus Bird (playing at bass) and Thanida Thamwimon Da – the lead vocal.


Thailand Band

This Thailand band started its activity in the high school by the two friends Bomb and Kia who wanting to have a rock band asked Bird (Bomb’s brother) to join them.


Being a rock band the boys thought that the best vocal would be a boy, also.


But they heard Da and they thoughts totally changed. Her powerful and unique voice impressed the boys and the girl was taken into the band.


With the missing piece found the Thailand band was ready for action.

But they were still looking for one more thing: a proper name for their band.


Bomb is the one who came with the idea of Endorphine, after he saw that name on a sticker while he was stuck in traffic. Since the endorphins are chemical substances that are brain’s product when a person is suffering or is happy, Bomb found it perfect as name for the band since t heir music’s goal is to make people happy.


The Thailand band’s first album is Prik - Chili, launched in 2004, followed by Replay, in the same year, Sug Ga Wa 49, one year later; in 2006 the Thailand bad launched two albums: Narongvit-Sleepless Society 2 and the best of –Love Issue. The album Parb Luang Tar came in 2007, Sound About in 2008 and Saen Saeb in 2009. Among the most popular songs of Endorphine are: Because of you (Pror ter), Paper Star (Dao Kra Dard), Best/close friends (Purn-Sa-Nit), Tomorrow is not too late (Proong Nee Mai Sai), Do you hear me? (Dai yin mai), You told me to forget (Tur Bok hai leum), What I’ve learned (Sing tee chun rean roo),

Band in Thailand

Afraid you’ll be disappointed (Glua tur ja pid whung), New Year’s Eve (Kuen karm pee), no need to know how we’re involved with one another (Mai tong roo wa khob kun babb nai). These are only few hits of this Thailand band with great success at public.



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