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Thailand Backpacking



Thailand Backpacking

Thailand backpacking can begin with Bangkok, where you can stay next to the touristic ghetto centre- Thanon Khaosan.


You can go to temples, at the Grand Palace, they are all wonderful, as you see them on TV but with even more vibrant colours, Buddha in all the hypostases, the Emerald Buddha, monks in orange copes, tuk-tuks looking for clients, kindly people telling you that is closed to a specific monument but they can offer you something, people selling all kind of things, tourists from all over the world,

Thais carrying all they have on a scooter, or the whole family, stands with food, fruits, vegetables and many, many more.


Then the Thailand backpacking continues in a boat on the Chao Praya River and an original Thai massage, with herbs, at the Wat Pho Temple. Koh Samui can be next on the Thailand backpacking list, an absolutely superb island! There are tall coconuts all over the place and you can stay at Central Bay Resort, some bungalows on beach, between palms, with air conditioned, hot water and breakfast. Not to mention the extremely pleasant company of the small geckos,


Thailand Backpacking

little lizards that you can see on walls, roofs, etc. The beach next to hotel is magnificent, white sand, palms bending over the beach, the very clear water and very blue, palms on versants and islands far.


Continue your Thailand backpacking with the Andaman Sea and Krabi, with the beautiful Ao Nang beach-extremely wide and even wider after the tide and surrounded by huge limestone rocks.


You also can have an eghenesh massage on beach and go in a wonderful trip with the motorboat to see four islands in a day. The islands you can see in this trip are wonderful, indescribable...


The sea is strewed with limestone rocks which you may saw on TV. In any Thailand backpacking you have to see the Poda Island with its thief monkeys, the Tup Island – actually two islands connected through a sand isthmus that is covered by water in the tide’s moment, the Chicken Island which has a rock that looks like a chicken head.


Do some snorkelling, next to some rocks and see many, many nice and yellow and turquoise fish, as well as corals.

Then take a visit to the Railay beach area with the Princess Cave. Include in the Thailand backpacking a trip with the jungle’s elephants, you will fall in love with these immense and wonderful creatures. You can feed the elephants, play with them and watch them taking a bath in the river! Phi Phi Don is maybe the most beautiful place you can see in your Thailand backpacking, a small and fabulous island where the motorized vehicles are not allowed, everybody walking or riding bikes. 

Backpacking in Thailand

The streets are strait, paved and bordered by picturesque and colourful stores and restaurants. Here, the tide is even stronger, the sea withdrawing about 100 metres in the afternoon when you can see all kinds of marine creatures.



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