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Thailand Axis



Thailand Axis

Thailand Axis is a company specialised in IT which offers network video solutions.

The company was founded in Sweden, in 1984 and operates all over the world and has offices in over 20 countries.


Thailand Axis cooperates with different partners from over 70 countries and is a global leader of the market of network video.

The solutions and the products of Thailand Axis are focused on the surveillance’s security and remote monitoring being based on open and innovative technology platforms. Developing and strengthening the position of the company as the leading supplier on the market of the network video solutions is the overall goal of the Thailand Axis.


 The aim of the company is driving the technology from analogue to the digital network solutions and keeping its leader position on market. This area is seen as having a fast growing with great growth opportunities for the Thailand Axis. Offering intelligent network-based solutions and products is the company’s business concept, Thailand Axis being focused on the video solutions market’s fast growing.


Thailand Axis

More, the company is also leader on the print servers’ suppliers market, its products being used applications for the remote monitoring and security systems. The network products offer maximum customer value with effective solutions, low costs and a high performance and flexibility.


Among the company’s products are video servers and decoders, network cameras, accessories in a full range and video management software.


Thailand Axis launched the first network camera to connect with an IP network in the world in 1996 and since then the company has been keeping its leader place.


Today, the company provides video servers and network cameras for a numerous applications number the remote surveillance area as well as the security area having the most prominent solutions. Thailand Axis comprises a large range of cameras, servers and video solutions for installations not only for the professional level but also for the entry level.


Thailand Axis has been one of the leading brands of the world in print servers offering user-friendly and cost-efficient print functions meeting the requirements of the large organizations and companies as well as of the small customers. Thailand Axis’ clients are varying from midsize and small enterprises to huge multinational corporations which have an optimised process of their business by using the Axis’s systems solutions and products. Among the priorities of this company are 6 segments: education (schools, education institutes, universities), industrial (energy and pharmaceutical companies, engineering, 

Axis in Thailand 


process industries, construction), transportation (harbours, toll stations, airports, traffic surveillance, railways, airports), government (police, casinos, prisons, authorities, military, museums, health care), retail (supermarkets, gas stations, stores) and baking & finance (insurance companies, post offices, banks). For the sales process Thailand Axis utilises system integrators, resellers and distributers. After over 20 years of being involved in the indirect business world, the company established a strong channel policy and strategy. Among the distributers of Thailand Axis are: Anixter, Tech Data and Ingram Micro. Honeywell, Lenel and Niscayah are among the important companies with which Axis has strong strategic partnership.



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