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Thailand Attractions



Thailand Attractions

Couple of days on beach in Pattaya resort to spend a relaxing holiday and couple of days in Bangkok-a full of energy metropolis, of huge dimensions, with a charm exceeded only by originality, are only few of the numerous Thailand attractions.

Known as the ‘smile’s country’ due to the charming smile of the Thai women, the destination attracts its visitors through heavenly landscapes, palates and temples, the locals’ hospitality and the food with unique flavours. Thailand deserves its popularity due to some privileged destinations which became the Mecca of this country, such as Pattaya.

The beaches with fine sands, the comfortable hotels, the aquatic sports, such as the exciting nightlife put it on the list of the most beautiful resorts of the world.


For those who want to explore its surroundings, NongNooch-the botanic garden with orchids and tropical plants, the elephants’ village, the MiniSiam Park and the Koh Larn Island are only few of the attractions. But the islands with sandy beaches are not the only Thailand attractions: you will see much more in the South of the peninsula, to discover the traditional culture of the Muslim fishers, or the country’s centre with its royal vestiges, sumptuous Khmer temples or Buddhist monks.


Thailand Attractions

You could go to the majestic rice paddies from North-East, in the North’s jungle or there where the members of ethnic groups with an ancestral way of life hide.


To another Thai reality, take an adventure in Bangkok which will scare or charm you with its scratching clouds and colourful and dizzy rhythm of life.


For those used to party and not only, from November 1, some traditional Thai holidays begin.


The first is the Wat Arun festival with spectacles whose representations are representative for the Thai art: music and dance, but also games or traditional fights.

The colourful Phuket Carnival starts on November 1, too, on the beach from Patong. The holiday includes a parade and numerous concerts. With November 11, the historic park Phimai is-for one week- the host of another traditional holiday.


The Nakhon Ratchasima festival is famous for the traditional boats races which bring thousands of visitors and participants from all the corners of the country, every year. .


Bangkok hosts the Asian games, between November 12 and 19. This competition allows the promoting of the Olympic ideas in Asia. Among the games are: classic tests (athletics, swimming), current tests (aerobics, sportive dances) and traditional sports (Thai boxing, Muay). Couple of says spent in the Orient’s Venice, as is Bangkok called, offer you the possibility of discovering a city that remarkably combines the past and the present.

You discover a show: colourful lights, flowers stands, fruits and handicraft objects, music and dances under the free sky. Thailand is a perfect destination if you like shopping, this country offering numerous opportunities to the ones that have negotiation talent.

Attractions in  Thailand

Bangkok is the shopping’s paradise. The markets are crowed places with very various and cheap. You can buy Thai silk, art object and antiquities, clothes, souvenirs and gifts.



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