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Thailand Animals



Thailand Animals

In the most spectacular natural reservation of Asia, Thailand animals are numerous: leopards, golden gibbons, pitons, cobras.

Thailand is among the countries which attract through their various fauna and flora. Considering the geographic position of the country, here you can meet the most diverse animal and plants species, which live at Equator or in the temperate areas. Unfortunately, the environment conditions are not favorable for all of them and you can see the most of the exotic animals in the national parks or the protected areas.

With luck you can see elephants, tigers, leopards, the Malaysian bears, species of monkeys, deer and dolphins. In Thailand, the snakes are spread. Six snake species of cobra are poisoning.


In Pattaya you can go to the Elephants’ Village, a unique chance to see these magnificent creatures in action.Today, the elephants are used only as animals for work for their immense force, while in the past they were a vital part of the king’s armies. There are about 13.000 elephant species in Thailand, used for work. In Kraal some demonstrations are organized, followed by detailed comments about the capturing, taming and training of the wild elephants.


Thailand Animals

401 reptile species are in Thailand, 1338 of butterflies and 248 of mammals.


In the Mekong River the world’s largest freshwater fish can be found, such as the Giant Mekong Catfish and the Giant Freshwater.


Among the Thailand animals are: the jungle cat, the otter civet, the Asian elephant, the banded palm civet, the binturong, the common dolphin, the Malayan sun bear, the jungle cat, the clawless otter, the gaur, the dugong, the Eld’ s deer, the Asian wild dog and the Asian golden Cat.


There are many species of gibbons such as the white-handed gibbon and the black-handed gibbon.


The macaque species that can be seen in Thailand are:


the Rhesus macaque, the Stump-tail macaque, the pig-tailed and the long-tailed macaque and the Assamese macaque.


The list of the animals continues with: the Chinese and the Malayan pangolin, the hog deer, the hog-badger, the party-colored flying squire,


the Schombugk's Deer, the yellow-throated marten, the common island flying fox, the brush-tailed porcupine, the three-striped palm civet , the black finless porpoise, the goral, the red and the Sumatran rhinoceros, the sunda flying lemur, the golden jackal, the tiger, the leopard, the leopard cat, the sperm whale, the cloud leopard, the mitered leaf-monkey, the wild pig, the linsang, the Malay tapir, the spinner dolphin and the rough-toothed dolphin, the fishing and the flat-headed cat, the Irrawaddy and the bottlenose dolphin, the Asiatic black bear and the lesser mouse-deer.

Among the reptiles in Thailand are: the Siamese and the saltwater crocodile, the next turtles:

Animals in Thailand 

the loggerhead turtle, the Asiatic soft shell turtle and the black turtle. As snakes there lives: the Oriental whip and the Southern bridle snake, the coral snake, the Jerdon’s sea snake. As vipers: the Kanburi pit and the Malayan pit viper. As pythons: the reticulated python, the Asiatic rock python and the Sumatran short-tailed python.



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