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Thailand Airports



Thailand Airports

One of the Thailand airports is the Phuket International Airport, situated at 32 km away of the Phuket City’s centre, in the Phuket Island’s North.

This airport has an important role in the Thai tourism industry since the Phuket Island is a famous resort with numerous visitors. On the top of the busiest Thailand airports, Pkuket Airport is on the second place, after the Suvarnabhumi Airport (as number of passengers not cargo).

This airport has a terminal for the domestic flights and one terminal for the international flights. The Bangkok International Airport (Suvarnabhumi Airport, which means the ‘golden land’ in Thai) is situated at 25 km East of the Bangkok’s centre.

The airport serves Bangkok, is the principal hub for the Thai Air Asia, for the Bangkok Airways, the


Thai Airways International and for the Orient Thai Airlines. The location is on the Samut Prakan province, the Bang Phli district-Racha Thewa.In September 2006 it was opened for domestic flight services and couple of days later for the international commercial flights. The airport’s name was given by the king Bhumibol Adulyadej referring to a golden kingdom from somewhere in the South-East Asia.


Airports in Thailand

The airport owns the tallest control tower in the world, with 434 feet (132.2m) and a terminal of 563.000 square metres; this terminal is the 3 rd largest terminal in the world. With 40.5 million passengers only in 209, the Bangkok International Airport is number 5 on the top of the busiest Asian airports.


It has more than 50 air bridges, with remote locations on ramps. From here, the airport buses can take the passengers to the terminals.


The airport with an impossible name to pronounce has the shape of a glass, steel and marble centipede. Inside, Suvarnabhumi is practically a Thai gallery art.

The building finished in 2006, conceived by the German architect Helmut Jahn, was considered too cold for a country which wants to be ‘the gate to the South-East Asia’, so the Thais added a drop of local colour, a drop of about 2.5 million Euros.


Four mural paintings of 35 metres length and four metres width deploys over the luggage roundabouts and a sculpture long of 21 metres and tall of about 6 meters thrones at the second floor of the airport,


under the name of the ‘oceanic milk filtration’ (according to a local legend, from the ocean’s water is obtained the life without dying elixir).


The resistance piece remains the 12 giants from the Ramayana epopee, represented in golden tissue paper.


As bonus there are oil reproductions of the most known local works of art, put in all the airport’s corners. Respecting the oriental beliefs, each artistic element has a specific symbolism, as is the case of the mural painting ‘the Sky’s Land’


(Dan Sruang Phisuth) which shows the most important Thai gods.

Thailand Airports 

The dean of the painting college of Bangkok says that the art works have the gift of protecting the airport and the 40 million travellers that come here every year. 



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