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Thailand Airlines



Thailand Airlines

Recently, the air transport to and from Thailand developed in an alert rhythm, new and new air companies appeared.

The tickets prices differ from one company to other and depend on the year period chosen to make the trip. Thai Airways, a member of the Star Alliance and a national Thailand airline company offers a list of fine drinks available on board such as Veuve Clicquot or Dom Perignon Champagne.

The immense chairs have massage dispositive incorporated, can be completely laid are and protected by a curtain to have intimacy during the sleep. The audio and video entertainment includes movies and sportive transmissions and even cultural events.The menu is vast, refined and contains inclusively the Thai food or regime food.


The food is served in porcelain plates, with silver cutlery. A trip from Athena to Bangkok costs Euro 2.600 at Royal First Class. Thai Airways International Public Company Limit is the Thailand’s national company which operates in the Suvarnabhumi Airport and is foundation member of the Star Alliance.


Airlines Thailand

The headquarters is in Bangkok. Thai Airways is majority stockholder at Nok Air (39%), a low-cost company with the base in Bangkok. The company operates one of the longest flights like the direct flight of 18 hours from Bangkok to Los Angeles.


This airline received from Skytrax the prizes for ‘the best stuff on board’ and ‘the best airline in the world’ in 2006 and the second place in 2007; in 2009 the airline won the prize for ‘the best lounge’ for the first class in the Suvarnabhumi airport.


Nok Air is one of the other Thailand airlines; the nok word is the Thai equivalent for ‘bird’. The company is a low cost one and it has the head office in Bangkok, Sathorn, the Rajanakarn building. The airline operates international and domestic services having the main base in Bangkok, on the Don Mueang International Airport. Established in the last month of 2003, Nok Air started to operate in the summer of 2004.


The owners of the company are: Dhipaya Insurance with 10% of the stock holdings, Thai Airways International with 39%, Krung Thai Bank -10%, Government Pension Fund-10%, Supapong Asvinvichit- 5%, Crown Property Bureau-6%, Patee Sarasin-5%, ING Funds-5%, Siam Commercial Bank Securities- 5% and King Power-5%.


In 2007, the airline had 130 employees. Phuket Airlines Co.

Ltd is another Thai airline operating in Bangkok since December 2001. The owners are Angkana Apiwattanaporn and her husband Vikrom Aisiri. At the beginning the company had only one Boeing 737-200 Jet which offered flight from Bangkok to Phuket and back, every day.


Now Phuket Airlines has 4 aircrafts and 7 destinations: Maesot, Phuket, Ranong, Krabi, Udorn, Hadyai and Chiangmai. The total number of employees: 300. The company goal is to offer all of its passengers the safest, the most enjoyable and convenient flight experience.

Thailand Airlines

For all these, the airline also aims to maintain a long-term and strong foundation, with professionals from the aviation industry who have a strong understating of the business and technical aspects of this industry.



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