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Thailand Adoptions



Thailand Adoptions

The Thailand adoptions are not like the adoptions in the others countries of the world. The persons who want to adopt a child in this country have to be very patient because the process takes some time. DSDW (the Child Adoption Center of the Department of Social Development) is the Thai governmental agency where the adoption applications are submitted. The agency is a social welfare one and the other Thai adoption agencies don’t accept the dossiers that come from the expats that live in Thailand. The Thai Adoption Act dating from 1979 stipulates the strict procedures and requirements regarding the adoption of a child in Thailand. The future parents must be married and must have the legal qualification to adopt children under the applicant’s home country’s law.


The person who wants to adopt must have between 25 and 40 years old; the persons over 45 years can adopt older children. The future parent must be 15 years older than the kid she/he wants to adopt. The single parent can adopt children with special needs. The couples with no children or with a single child are preferred by the agencies. The future parents are requested to not have a criminal record and to not be severely overweight. Also, the future parents must have a good emotional and physical health with a background without major depressions or mental illnesses.


Thailand Adoption

The financial position has to be sound (the income of the middle class from West is sufficient).


There is no possibility to apply for two or many children at the same time; the exceptions are represented by the siblings, the twins and the children who belong to the Thai souse of the applicant.


The children under one year can’t be adopted by foreign people but can be adopted by the foreign that lives in Thailand at the adoption’s time.


The numbers of the boys to adopt is bigger than the one of the girls. The persons decided to adopt a Thai girl will have to wait more.


All the Thai children that can be adopted are tested for Hepatitis and HIV.


Regarding the adoption’s costs, the Thai agencies give various numbers. In the most of the cases the costs are between $10.000 and $18.000 but in these costs, the federal fees needed for fingerprinting and for visa are not included.


The costs may be more than $18.000, depending on how much the applier stays in Thailand,

on how many gifts she/he buys and on the contribution made to the orphanage (the contribution is not mandatory).


It also depends on the money collected by the applier’s agency for the eventually welfare programs for child.


The ground support’s amount given by the applier’s agency can contribute to the agency’s fees also.


The appliers have to consult their agency in this problem.

Adoptions in Thailand 

The future parents don’t have to make a donation to the NGO or to the welfare institution that took care of the adopted child. But the most of the families make a donation.



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