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Thailand Accommodation



Thailand Accommodation

You want to go to Thailand? First you have to stay somewhere, right? Thailand accommodation is cheap, the prices are small here although it may not seem so in Bangkok. Thailand is the contrasts’ country: next to a hostel where a room costs $1 per night you can find a luxurious resort where thousands of dollars are asked to you for one night. Anyway, you can find any time of Thailand accommodation for everybody, no matter of you come with the backpack in your back or in a five stars tour.

You also can rent a house with $4-6 per night (about 130-200 baht) in decent conditions and if you want Thailand accommodation on island, at the ocean’s shore, eventually with some improvements, you have to pay about $15 per night. 


At the hotels the prices vary from 1000 baht to 2500 baht per night ($30-$77) at a five stars hotel. You can also chose a bungalow o beach, the prices varying from 6 to 16 Euros (300 to 800 baht). A ventilator, hot water and maybe air conditioned are included in price.The houses are very clean, spacious, with hammock and deck chairs on veranda, big and strong beds.


Accommodation  Thailand

Of course, you can stay at high-end resorts with pool, spa and plasma for 100 Euros per night. If you arrive in Koh Pha Ngan, for example, and you have to go searching for Thailand accommodation, you may need a scooter.

You can take it with 3 Euros per day but don’t forget to negotiate.

There are many houses for rent in Koh Pha Ngan, the most perfect for a couple or a family with kids. They have maximum two rooms and if you have many companions with you, two or three adjacent houses can be rent.


If you need salt, sugar or oil, you have to go through palms to take some from your neighbour but it’s fun and interesting.


For your Thailand accommodation you can also contact the agencies but they don’t have an updated data base or work with the upper segment – huge houses with pools at 4000 Euros per month.


ISo it’s better to search by your own around the island, the houses for rent being flagged and you can talk personally with the owner.


If you are interested in Thailand accommodation for one month, then you should know that a beach house with two rooms costs about 200 Euros per month, with water, electricity and internet included.


Some owners may also give you a scooter. The houses are full equipped, even with plates, glasses, and mugs for cooking.


There is no TV but it’s no loss since you have nothing to see on it, but politics debates in Thai and music.

The jungle houses are also a choice for the Thailand accommodation; they are bigger and more equipped, probably to compensate for the sea-view’s lack.

Thailand Accommodation

It’s worth seeing them, because no matter how deep in the jungle you are, the sea is at most 15 minutes distance.



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